Color Lovers 3KCBWDAY1

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Day 1 of Knitting and Crochet Blog week! YAY! 3KCBWDAY1
Today’s theme is about color.
Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of my projects are green…

My other current favorite: Natural tones

What’s your current favorite color?

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  1. Lisa-24-7
    | Reply

    Simple and sweet post. I love those colors. Right now I am going through a blue phase, and also a bit of a neon phase.

  2. Ana BC
    | Reply

    My current favorites are purple and turquoise.
    Great to find you through Blog Week.
    Ana BC

  3. Paula
    | Reply

    I’m going to have to go find out more about that Lotus Yarn. Pretty! Happy blog week.

  4. Tecrin
    | Reply

    I think my favourite colour might just be the green in that first picture… Gorgeous! But other than that, it’s a close tie between green and blue!

  5. juicyknits
    | Reply

    Greens like that make me want to go green on my projects.

  6. autumngeisha
    | Reply

    I have been really into greens, also. Maybe because of springtime. Love the greens in your post!

  7. Suzanne
    | Reply

    My favorite colours are blue, purple, natural tones like creamy white and beige and green! I think you have some lovely yarn! See you around this week :-).

  8. MWitch3
    | Reply

    I do love greens, especially with blues 🙂

  9. josiekitten
    | Reply

    My favourite colour is purple. I do like the look of that Lotus yarn too, I must investigate it some more!

  10. Catherine
    | Reply

    yep! It’s a fact a true knitter and stasher of yarn gets fixated on certain colours. When we see some new yarn in our special colour we forget all about the box of similarly coloured yarn at home and tell ourselves ‘but I have to have that exact shade in cashmere (or merino, silk, alpaca..).’

  11. Snowcatcher
    | Reply

    I’m digging your greens, and I love how you allowed the photos to do all the talking!

  12. Ronnie
    | Reply

    Love, love those greens!

  13. fig
    | Reply

    You’re in my club! Love all the yarns you posted and some of them looked like you’d swiped them from me (you been in my yarn closet?) Thanks for the post!

  14. Heather
    | Reply

    Oh those colors make me think of a mossy forest floor. What a beautiful set of photos! Thanks for the post.

  15. Kepanie
    | Reply

    Your greens would go so well w/those neutrals. That Lotus Miya yarn looks so interesting.
    I like green as well as purple.

  16. Sandy
    | Reply

    Your green made me think of my DD, she loves Green….I rarely make her something that isn’t green, unless it’s green and purple together, lol.

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