Free Pattern Friday!

Earlier this week I posted this photo as a teaser of a free pattern I’m publishing today.


If you’ve been reading the blog you might recognize the yarn…I posted about the this beautiful skein of yarn from Fuzzbee Yarns back in December. This beautiful thick and thin was so squishy and tempting that I knit this cowl the very same week I received the yarn!

Introducing…Through Thick and Thin
Here are some lovely photos of Through Thick and Thin by Katy Doyle.

throughthickandthin throughthickandthin3


I made another version of this cowl in Fleece Artist Tosca
thickandthin tosca2

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Mari Knits Facebook Page and get this pattern for free! With Size 11 and 17 needles it’ll knit up in just an evening or two!¬†And while you’re surfing the web go ahead and order a skein of Fuzzbee Yarns handspun thick and thin in your custom color!

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  1. […] basic cowl that shows off the amazing texture of this yarn like nobody’s business. Go to the MariKnits site by clicking on the photo to find out how to get the pattern, and then head to the FuzzbeeYarns shop […]

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