WIP Wednesday

There was recently a discussion on the designer’s group on Ravelry about finding time for ‘personal’ knitting. Honestly before I started working in a yarn shop it had probably been a year since I had followed someone else’s pattern.

Now that I work in a shop I knit shop samples, which occasionally are my patterns, but more often someone else’s pattern. This is such a huge pleasure to me. Knitting another designer’s pattern is like a mental vacation. I get to sit back and read the directions, which feels like such a luxury! When I’m knitting my own patterns I’m always analyzing the design, how the directions are written, and sometimes making changes and ripping out over and over!

I started two new projects in the last week, and did another quick knit project last week, all ¬†patterns written by other designers. I’ve also managed to knit two sample sweaters in the last 5 weeks, and you may have guessed but my hands are quite sore!

This week I cast on for Marin by Ysolda Teague in Blue Sky Alpacas, Alpaca Silk.


I also cast on the Garter Rib Baby Blanket (no, I’m not pregnant, this is a gift!) in Plymouth Dreambaby DK. I generally run far away from acrylic yarns, but as far as baby items go I think machine washable is very important, and since this yarn is half nylon it doesn’t have the hard itchy quality that craft store yarns do. This is my second baby blanket using this yarn! This is a nice simple and mindless pattern, great for tired knitting!


Last week I also finished Hermoine’s Cable & Eyelet Hat, knit in Skein Himalaya which is an amazingly beautiful and soft hand-dyed merino cashmere yarn from Australia. I’ve knit this pattern before and enjoy it quite a bit, its fun and easy. Working with this yarn made this project go by a little too quickly!

hermoine1 hermoine2

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