FO Friday: Ginny’s Cardigan

I finished my Ginny’s Cardigan about a month ago, and I finally took pictures of it last weekend. I’m really happy with how mine came out, it has 0 ease and fits me perfectly! Here are a few photos. I made mine in Classic Elite Woodland in Silver.

Also mine was the second size, I have a 36 3/4″ bust, and I did the short rows for a C cup.

owl2 owl1 owl3I also have a few thoughts on finishing of this sweater, after looking through some of the projects on Ravelry (as of this morning there were 230 projects!!)

Picking Up the Button Band
I’ve notices that some people pick up too many stitches for the button band, and go too high up on the neck, which eliminates the scoop neck. It might be helpful to insert a safety pin or removable marker right where your decreases for the neck start on either side, and then pick up stitches only to that marker. The decreased section will be picked up in garter stitch along with the rest of the neckband.

Personally I blocked my sweater before adding the button band, and then again once I had knit it on. If you are going to add the pockets I would block the sweater and the pockets separately, then sew on the pockets and knit on the button band, then block again.

One more thing about blocking…block to your measurements! Don’t just lie your sweater flat all willy nilly, make sure that your sleeves are the same length, your bust, waist, hip, and arm circumferences are what they should be, and make sure the torso is at the length it should be! Also If you did lots of extra short rows in the bust you can put little mounds of paper towels or plastic bags in the bust during blocking (otherwise the front might pull down lower than the back and be difficult to block).

I’ve really enjoyed the Knit-A-Long in the Mari Knits group on Ravelry, and I’ll keep checking as long as people keep posting to it! Have you knit a Ginny’s Cardigan? I’d love to see your photos!



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  2. Raquel
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    Hi. I really love your Ginny Weasley cardigan. I live in Australia not UK and I’m wondering if we can order your cardigan online. Cause I can’t knit or sew. I tried to do a teddy bear and let’s just say that it didn’t turn out well. Thank you so much. I love your cardigan.

    • Mari
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      I do know someone who does custom sweater knitting that I work with, but labor alone would be $300, plus the cost of materials. It takes at least 40 hours to knit a sweater. If you’re still interested you can email me contact (at) mariknits (dot) com for more info.

  3. Terri
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    Hi, I love your sweater, I am currently working on this sweater, for my daughter, too! This is my first sweater and I am stuck on the short rows for the bust. All of the directions on line show short rows do not show the side, under the arm. Are the short rows to make it back to a line, or a zig zag, since row one stops 2 stitches from the marker and row 3 is 3 stitches before marker, it should be a little zig zag,.. or should it be at an angle like a bust dart??? And I am supposed to do row 5 and stop at 4 stitches before the marker, then row 7 at 5 stitches before the marker. That is all I am only adding 7 total short rows, yet the directions are not written completely for a novice.
    Please help, since you have already made he sweater. Thanks for the blocking tips too.
    Thank you,

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