Helium Sweater

I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger lately, but I’m finally sharing photos of my Helium Sweater from Knitscene Summer 2014. Well last summer, when I finished knitting this sweater, I took a few photos of it. Because for the first time, I actually knit a sample sweater in MY size! This is quite amazing, since most samples are to fit a 33 or 34″ bust, but this sample is the 36 3/4″, which is also my exact bust measurement.

I knit the sample in Baah Sonoma, a beautiful DK weight hand dyed yarn. I absolutely adore all of Mira’s colors!

Photo Credit: Knitscene/Harper Point

It’s shown in the magazine with a little positive ease and dramatic hair and makeup. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if that’s a look I’d wear on a daily basis, so here are some photos of me wearing it. Bear in mind that I took these photos literally hours before mailing it off, it was late summer in North Carolina so it was about 100 degrees with 10000% humidity, so we didn’t exactly try for the ‘perfect’ shot, but more or less snapped a few photos and called it good! It’s shown here on me with 0 ease.

helium5 helium4 helium3

One of my favorite parts of the sweater is the back. I just love how it gathers!

Oh, and for fun, here’s a photo of me in sweatpants with no makeup at 11 o’clock at night trying on the sweater to make sure it fits before starting the top. The sweater is knit from the bottom up, and it’s worked back and forth for the first part so you can work the intarsia dot flat, then joined to knit in the round. You knit the sleeves separately in the round, then join everything and work up. At this point I’d joined everything and worked up a bit. I think the bra strap makes this photo extra classy. Oh the glamour of knitwear design! helium1


I saw my sweater again at the Interweave Booth at TNNA, and wore it all day on Sunday. (Yup, I just snuck it out of the booth!) I love this sweater, and can’t wait to get it back!

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  1. Geekette Palette
    | Reply

    Pretty sweater ! Your pictures makes it much more wearable than the “fashion” version… and I love your hairstyle and the back of the sweater too !

  2. Danai
    | Reply

    Congratulations! The back is amazing and the last photo with your no makeup face is the best. Thank you for this unique pattern.

    • Mari
      | Reply

      Thanks! You’re too nice!

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