NC State Mill

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A while back I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the mill at NC State. I knew that NC State was known for having a great textiles program, but didn’t know the extent of the amazingness that was there! I went with Laurie Gonyea, the owner of Feel Good Yarn Company. Her amazing SilverSpun yarn is spun here at NC State! The cotton is all grown here in North Carolina too. Thanks so much to Laurie for letting me tag along!

A side note–the SilverSpun is amazing. It’s a cotton yarn that’s soft (no, really, it’s soft!) that has great stretch and it’s conductive! That means it’ll work on your smart phone, and it’s great for gloves.

Below are some photos from the amazing mill. I wish I could remember everything that Tim told us about the mill, but unfortunately I don’t know that I remember all the details! Instead of embarrassing myself or misinforming you I’ll let you enjoy all the lovely photos of where yarn comes from. In these photos you’ll only see cotton fiber and cotton yarn in the making.


Bales of cotton
Laurie and Tim talking about the cotton.
It looks like frosting and feels even better!
Machines that make frosting…err..yarn! Here they used different colors of cotton and mixed them!
I didn’t get to see this one in action, but it looks pretty cool! The cones move around and get filled with yarn on another part of the machine. (There’s my super technical explanation!)

DSC_0426sm DSC_0431sm DSC_0446sm

If I get lucky enough to go back to NC State and visit the mill again I promise I’ll take better notes!

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    Um, wow! I am in NC… are these “tours” open to the public? How cool!

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      I don’t think they are, but it’s super cool. I think Echoview does public tours though, they are near Asheville.

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