FO Friday: Funny Faces

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I made a super simple crochet necklace this week. Single crochet, 28 gauge wire, beads, and a few findings is all that was required. The whole project took a couple of hours, spread out over the course of the week. Then last night Brian and I tried to take photos of this necklace.

crochet silver necklace by Mari Knits


But some days, taking a decent photo is harder than it sounds. Turns out handing your husband a camera and putting on lipstick doesn’t turn him into a photographer any better than it turns you into a model.

crochet silver necklace by Mari Knits

Also, here’s a pro tip. Make sure your shirt isn’t on backwards. Yup, in these two photos you can tell my shirt is on backwards. OOPS.

crochet silver necklace by Mari Knits


Ok, let’s try this again! Shirt is on correctly. I can smile like I’m not crazy…right?crochet silver necklace by Mari Knits


Nope. Turns out that’s not an option today. Also what’s up with my shirt? Clearly I’m having wardrobe issues.

crochet silver necklace by Mari Knits


This is when I decided to give up. It’s just a finished project photo. I’m not trying to sell the pattern, so screw it!

crochet silver necklace by Mari KnitsIt was super hot, so Brian and I decided to go swimming. In theory I’ll try shooting a tutorial of how to make this necklace, but right now it’s in timeout. Clearly the necklace is at fault for the crappy photos.

But hey, I finished it! That counts for something, right?


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  1. Susan
    | Reply

    You’re too hard on yourself! The pictures are great and the necklace looks awesome.

  2. Susie Q
    | Reply

    Love the photos! You might not think they work, but with your descriptions they sure do. I can’t wait to see the tutorial. I crocheted for about five minutes a few years ago but I think I could figure out the single chain again.

  3. Sue
    | Reply

    Love the necklace, looking forward to the pattern!

  4. Addie Calvitt
    | Reply

    Love your blog! The necklace AND the model are both beautiful!

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