New Pattern: Chibi Maruko

I’m holding an experiment today. Starting now, for the next 48 hours, I’m giving this pattern away for free. Why? …because I felt like it! If you like the pattern and would like to buy one of my patterns that’d be pretty great.

The pattern includes directions to make this fun and simple cowl in two sizes with two weights of yarn.

This first one is made with Blue Sky Alpacas Extra, their new aran weight yarn that’s a soft and fluffy blend of wool and alpaca. This is the smaller size. The cowl took just half a skein!

Chibi Maruko cowl pattern by Mari Chiba

The second is knit in Louet Gems Worsted Weight, shown here in my favorite Gems color Crabapple. This larger version took 2 skeins.


The pattern is super easy to customize, so you could knit it in pretty much any size. So, what are you still doing here?! Go to Ravelry and download this pattern now, while it’s FREE!!! Get it here: Chibi Maruko.

Update: You can now purchase the pattern for $5 here

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  1. shaena
    | Reply

    Thank you! I have purchased a couple of your patters in the past and love them!

  2. flo renfroe
    | Reply

    Thank you. Will download it when I get home.

  3. Mom
    | Reply

    Mari, you should tell all the nice people the source of the name for this pattern. They might be confused.

    • Mari
      | Reply

      I thought the witch was Chibi Mariko? I couldn’t find evidence of her anywhere online, but I did find another cartoon that I remembered called Chibi Maruko. Did I imagine Chibi Mariko?

      • Mom
        | Reply

        You’re right – Chibi Maruko WAS a cartoon of a little girl. It was extremely popular when you were little, and all the kids at hoikuen called you “Chibi Maruko” because it sounded so much like “Chiba Mari”. “Chibi”, by the way, means “little”.

      • Mom
        | Reply

        Oh, and I LOVE this scarf as well as the name. Brilliant!

  4. Susie Q
    | Reply

    Thank you for offering this gift, I have downloaded it. Your Anime Infinity pattern originally brought me to your blog and I love receiving your regular posts.

  5. Maria M.
    | Reply

    Sorry I missed it since I was away. Very nice of you to offer though 🙂

  6. Joanne Choomack
    | Reply

    Oops, my bad. I missed my original e-mail so it was my fault I missed the special. I may have to break down and buy this one! It’s a great cowl.

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