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One of my favorite parts of working for Stitchcraft Marketing is getting to work with so many talented designers and putting together pattern collections for our clients. I also get to go to the photo shoots, hire models, and style the garments and work with the talented and lovely Caro Sheridan.

If you’d told me six years ago when I was graduating from college and going into the Peace Corps I was going to have a career in the knitting industry that included writing patterns and styling photo shoots I would have said “Who ME?!”. Although I work long hours and sometimes feel a little overwhelmed I can’t deny the fact that my job is awesome and I love it.

So today I’m going to share some of the behind-the-scenes photos from our photo shoot for Louet Fall 2014, which we shot in March. There was still snow on the ground in Boston when I arrived, and it was very cold when we were outside shooting.

Sarah is taking a moment with her coat on to warm up while Caro gets the lighting just right.

Louet Fall 2014 behind the scenes from Mari Knits

There’s a lot of fussing that goes into getting the garments just right. This was the last shot of the second day, and Sarah was a trooper! She laughed at our bad jokes and hid the fact that she was freezing. Stitchy and I are both wearing gloves. That’s how cold it was!


Stitchy helps Sarah get photo ready! Louet Fall 2014 behind the scenes from Mari Knits

We loved this little bit of graffiti. This was were we shot my Coleen sweater. You can see the teeth in the cover photo of the lookbookLouet Fall 2014 behind the scenes from Mari Knits

Stitchy helping Doran get ready. Doran was always modeling, she’s such a pro! Louet Fall 2014 behind the scenes from Mari Knits

I just came home from another photo shoot, and I can’t wait to see those collections come out and share the photos with the world! I’m lucky to work with such amazing people, and it makes the hard work and long hours so much more pleasant.

Don’t forget to enter to win the Louet Matterhorn Scarf & Cowl Kit! See my blog post from Monday to enter!

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  1. Wally
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    Personal message – not for posting. I congratualate and admire you. Would like to know
    what turned your interest to knitting and how your started. (idle curiosity) Thank you for serving in the Peace Corps.

    We have a granddaughter who played lacrosse at Boston University. We spent a lot of time in Boston and yearn to return to retrace old steps and look at many places we did not visit. Bravo Boston!

    Congratulations on your very professional website. Most impressive! My husband and I had an advertising agency. I am now retired, but needed no reminder of how long your hours are and the energy you put into your business.

    I send you encouragement and a wish for many successful years. Keep on keeping on!


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