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I know parents, teachers, and most people who work with kids will tell you that they don’t choose favorites. I was a teacher, and I definitely had favorites. And now, as a designer, I still have favorites, though they do change as new designs are born. One of my current favorites, and one of my newest patterns, is the Connectivity Gloves, which was recently published in the Deep Fall Issue of Knitty.

Connectivity by Mari Chiba


I’ve already knit these twice, and I’ve decided to host a KAL, and knit a third pair of these lovely gloves!

Knit-A-Long Info

We’ll officially be casting on October 1st, and I hope to finish my gloves by the end of October. This is a pretty casual KAL though, so if you’ve already started, or don’t plan to start until later, no worries! I’ll be posting here on the blog with some tips and tricks as I knit them, and the posts will be here whenever you decide to cast on.

Join the Mari Knits Ravelry Group to share your progress on your gloves and ask questions! I really love seeing other people knit and interpret my patterns, and I’d love to see your gloves!


I’ve already wound my yarn, so that I’ll be ready to cast on next week! I’m using some leftover bits of SilverSpun that total up to weigh the same amount as a whole skein, and using Canopy Worsted in Crocus.

yarn for connectivity gloves, Mari Knits


The Sale Continues! 

Don’t forget, through September 30th you can get 10-50% off all of my self published patterns. Read more and get your coupon codes in yesterday’s blog post.

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