Japan Part 2: YUM

We ate a lot of great food in Japan. Obviously, I didn’t photograph every meal that we ate because: A. I get really sick of people posting photos of all their meals and B. I was too busy eating them! So, here are some highlights of the food we had in Japan. There were lots of other great things, too!


We flew to Japan on Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving feast included a cup of ice cream and a sandwich. I have to say, United is by far the worst airline I have ever flown, but the sacrifice was well worth the wonderful time we had in Japan.

airplane food, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


We went to a cafe one of our first days. I had a green tea float with red bean (I love it, but most people who didn’t grow up eating sweetened red beans tend to dislike it). It had sort of a slushy consistency, and was quite good!

green tea and red bean float, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


At the same restaurant Brian had a coffee float, an iced coffee drink with coffee jello. The jello didn’t have a very strong coffee taste though… coffee jello, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


My sister had to work for some of the time we were in Japan, so one night I texted her this photo and said “Let’s get Crunky!” Her response, “those are good”. It seems she’s used to my shenanigans and it takes more of an effort to get a reaction out of her… PS they are good!Crunky, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


I had never heard of Zima, but Brian informed us it is no longer sold in the US. Emi tried it…I think she likes it?zima, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


Of course, we had to have conveyor belt sushi in a train station! sushi belt, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


This was the first course of a meal at a fancy Shabu-Shaby restaurant. The little house had tofu in it. Every course was this beautiful, if it weren’t so delicious I might have felt guilty about eating it. shabushabu, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


We didn’t try this, but Burger King had a special black ink squid burger. The odd thing is that there aren’t really any traditional Japanese dishes (that I know of) that use squid ink. squid burger, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


We also had Yaki-Niku, coal grilled beef. It was really good, and we tried other parts of the animal like intestines. grilling meat, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


Brian also tried some eel liver from a street vendor. I had a small bite… It tasted like liver, but more fishy and bitter. It was not very good in my opinion, but he seemed to enjoy it. brian eating Eel liver, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


Check back for future posts about the Hello Kitty restaurant and the amazing Tsujiki fish market!


The basement floors of the department stores are full of food, with counters selling beautiful cakes and bento boxes. A couple nights when we were tired from sight seeing we grabbed these on the way back to the hotel and ate in for dinner. They are amazing, I had some of the best teriyaki fish I’ve ever had from one of these!Japanese department store food, photo by Mari Chiba from Mari Knits


We went to a small lunch place in Tokyo one day. The menu didn’t have any English, but between my knowledge of Hiragana and the pictures we managed to order a delicious meal. Tokyo illustrated menu, photo by Mari Chiba (C) Mari Knits


Coming up: Tsukiji, Hello Kitty, and of course, Knitting in Japan!

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  1. anonymous
    | Reply

    For years I have wanted to go to Japan. I admire their culture. I like their food and its presentation. I like their wool.

    So happy for you to be able to take this trip, a bit envious too. Will keep posted for your next edition.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Becca
    | Reply

    Zima is Zomething…. it hasn’t been around for at least 20-25 years! 🙂

    • Mari
      | Reply

      So then how does Brian know about it? He’s only 31…

  3. Becca
    | Reply

    hah, I thought of something else – in grad school my roommate was from Tokyo. she came home with me for the holidays and made a whale-thing for dessert that was awful (to me. I think she likes the sweetened red beans too). Japanese food is interesting

    • Mari
      | Reply

      Was it shaped like a whale, or made of whale?!

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