Louet Spring 2015: Nerine

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I’m excited to be part of another collection with Louet North America! Gems is one of my favorite yarns. It’s a washable, durable, merino wool that almost has the feel of cotton. This is because of the way it’s plied and spun. It’s perfect for all those people who claim “wool is just too itchy!”. As knitters I’m sure you’ve known, and rolled your eyes at, a few people who say this just as I have. Now there IS itchy wool, I won’t argue that, but that does not mean all wool is itchy. Let’s face it, the acrylic yarn at the craft store it itchier than any merino I’ve ever felt.

Nerine shawl by Mari Chiba

I designed Nerine, a simple lightweight shawl/scarf with three skeins of Gems Fingering. I designed it between a slew of rather complicated sweater designs, and I want a fun and easy project that could serve as a palette cleanser, but would still be easy to incorporate as a wardrobe staple. For me, Nerine is just that! The shawl is worked from the top down in garter stitch, and shaped with short rows. Because it’s in garter stitch you don’t have to do any wraps and turns, and then a lovely simple lace edging finishes it off. The shawl is wide and shallow, so you can easily wear it as a scarf (my preferred style), or wrap it around your shoulders like a shawl.

Nerine shawl by Mari Chiba




You can get the Nerine shawl on Ravelry. I’m also really excited that Louet has offered a giveaway of a Nerine Kit! One lucky winner will receive the pattern and 3 skeins of Gems Fingering in the color of their choice to knit their very own Nerine! To enter leave a comment on this post. I know people usually like to have you answer a question–but today I’m going to say just try to write something funny! I’ll pick my favorite funny answer on Friday the 13th.

You can join the Louet Spring 2015 KAL in the Louet Ravelry Group. They have a ton of great giveaways and you can knit any of the patterns from the Spring collection!

21 Responses

  1. Tammy
    | Reply

    this looks really nice

  2. Mary Ellen Jenkins
    | Reply

    Thank goodness for a simple pattern. I’ve been going crazy trying to match up the center back design on a current project. Have used markers, counters and everything else and it’s still off.

  3. Soosiee
    | Reply

    So this lady was driving down the highway crocheting as she drove. A highway patrolman noticed her and began pursuit. He drove up next to her car, rolled down his window and said,”pull over!” She replied,” no it’s a scarf.

  4. Kristie Lund
    | Reply

    I really like the design of the pattern. Simple and clean.

  5. Tresa
    | Reply

    Nothing funny available check back later. Looks awesome though.

  6. Gail Baker
    | Reply

    Mari, I love it the yarn looks great ! I honestly think I would finish this ! What do you think?”

  7. Janie
    | Reply

    Great design

  8. Calypso
    | Reply

    A couple is going to their vacation destination but they are traveling separate ways. The husband arrives there first and send a nice email message to his wife. Unfortunately he mistypes the email address and his message goes to a widow whose husband just passed away. When the poor widow reads the message she lets out a scream and falls to the floor, the family quickly tries to revive her and find the note on the screen:

    Dearest Wife,
    Just got checked in. Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

    P.S. Sure is hot down here.

  9. susiequinn
    | Reply

    My vote goes to Soosiee for the win! I love this pattern and while I can think of “fun” things to say, I certainly can’t top the previous joke. 😉

  10. Mary
    | Reply

    I agree 🙂 I’ll be sharing Soosiee’s joke with everyone I see tomorrow.

  11. Alexis
    | Reply

    Why did the sheep avoid going to bars?

    She didn’t like being carded!

  12. Alice Borowiec
    | Reply

    Like the simple design and versatility of scarf vs shawl.

  13. ummrania
    | Reply

    Sooo beautiful! When my older kids were small my daughter came to me and told me her younger brother had been playing with my sewing tape….he had been wrapping it around his head because, according to her he, “was measuring to see how old he is”.

  14. Bonnie
    | Reply

    This design looks beautiful, would love the yarn!

  15. Susan Newnam
    | Reply

    I can’t think of anything funny either,but I have been looking for a simple scarf/shawl pattern to use as a prayer shawl for Church and I think this would be perfect. Thanks, so much.

  16. Gemma Rice
    | Reply

    My wife said last night I had become boring in bed.

    I was that insensed, I slammed my knitting down and informed her I was sleeping on the sofa.

  17. asteride
    | Reply

    When my daughter was 3 years old one day she looked at me and said “Mom, when I grow up I want to be a butterfly!”.

  18. Lauren
    | Reply

    Lovin’ that!! It’s dressy but not to fancy….could be worn with a dress or jeans. I’d so love to win that kit!!

  19. susan
    | Reply

    I think, therefore I have little time to knit…but I do have time to buy more yarn.

    An Admitted Yarnaholic

  20. Pam L
    | Reply

    I knit so I won’t kill people. ; )

  21. Tami
    | Reply

    The shawl is lovely. It looks like a wonderful quick knit but with an elegant appearance so as not to appear rushed. Wonderful!

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