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Hello, my name is Mari and I hoard knitting needles. I have… 7 sets of interchangeable needles on top of DPN sets and many fixed circular needles in a variety of styles and sizes. Today, a blog post about my favorite Knitter’s Pride needles. I have a lot of Knitter’s Pride needles, and one of the main perks for me is that ALL of the needles and cables are interchangeable.

Mari Knits knitting needle review and comparison From top to bottom: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, Bamboo, Nova Platina, Marblz, Karbonz, Trendz, and Symfonie Cubics.


Mari Knits, Cubics needlesFirst up, the Symfonie Cubics. I have the 16″ special interchangeable set, the tips are shorter and combined with the cords they create 16″ circular needles. I quite like these needles, and I use them for knitting hats a fair bit. I like the cuboid shape, but I don’t find that it really affects the tension or evenness of my knitting.


Mari Knits Trendz needlesThe Trendz needles are made from acrylic. I love the rainbow colors (I mean, who doesn’t love rainbows?!). The needles are quite flexible and sticky. I think these would be ideal for beginners. I like them in the bigger sizes for knitting with slippery yarns.


Mari Knits Bamboo needlesI don’t have a full set of the Bamboo needles, just a few random interchangeable tips. I have to admit, bamboo needles are not my favorite. They tend to grip the yarn a little more than I like, though these are a great needle with nice tapered points.


Mari Knits Nova Platina needlesThese are, by far, the fastest needles I’ve ever knit with. They are nice and slick without being overly slippery like nickel needles. The Nova Platinas have sharp points and are great for knitting lace. These are an updated version of the previous Nova needles, and after doing a side-by-side comparison I can say that these are noticeably faster to knit with.


Mari Knits, Knitter's Pride Marblz needlesThe Marblz needles are new, and this is the special holiday set that Knitter’s Pride released at the end of 2014. They are the prettiest needles I’ve ever owned! They are stiffer and less flexible than the Trendz needle, and I find the finish a little slicker too. For me this totally redefines acrylic needles into a needle I’d knit with on a regular basis.


Mari Knits, Karbonz needlesThe Karbonz are probably one of the most popular Knitter’s Pride needles. They have nice smooth and sharp points, a lightweight body that’s warm to the touch, and like every other Knitter’s Pride needle the join is smooth. I don’t have an interchangeable set of these, but I do have a variety of the fixed circular needles and I’ve knit several pairs of socks on them. I like these needles, but they’ll never replace my all time favorite, the Dreamz.


Mari Knits, Dreamz needlesThe Dreamz are my all time favorite knitting needles. I also own the Symfonie set, which is similar, the big advantage of the Dreamz is that the tips are all different colors, so it’s much easier to make sure you have two needles that are the same size. I use these needles so frequently that instead of putting them in a case I have them in a needle stand on my desk. As a knitwear designer I knit 90% of my own samples, and that means most days I spend a minimum of 4 hours knitting, and sometimes I spend up to 7 or 8 hours a day knitting (mostly on the weekends, I do have a day job!) This means a lot of stress on my hands. I’d previously been pretty monogamous with my various metal needles, but when I started knitting with the Dreamz I didn’t lose any of the speed because the wood is coated and much slicker and faster than bamboo needles, but my hand pain has been noticeably improved! I don’t understand completely why, I’m guessing the wood isn’t as hard and doesn’t put as much pressure on my hands, either way, these needles have been a lifesaver. It used to be that after finishing a series of deadline projects I’d have to take loads of Ibuprofen and a strict ice regimen to deal with the pain in my hands. Now I still ice my hands on a pretty regular basis, but I rarely need to take anything for the pain, as I can usually prevent it from happening!

Disclaimer: I received some of these Knitter’s Pride needles for free, since I work Knitter’s Pride as part of my day job with Stitchcraft Marketing. However, these opinions are all my own and I was not compensated in any way for writing this review.

What are your favorite needles?

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  1. Wally Hurley
    | Reply

    How may I order the Marbiz needles?

    • Mari
      | Reply


      I think they sell them on There are lots of places to buy them online and at your local yarn store!

  2. Cynthia
    | Reply

    I’m so relieved that I’m not the only needle hoarder. I have several sets of interchangeable needles including the Dreamz. My only problem is that I knit loose and need the smaller (size 1-2-3) needles which are not included in the sets, so I have to buy fixed circular needles in those sizes and when I’m away from home (often) and start a new project (often), although at least 2 of my interchangeable needle sets are with me, I need to go buy the smaller needles (a big portion of my hoard). Is there anyway Knitter’s Pride can include smaller needles to buy for interchangeable sets? Maybe someday I’ll realize that I should include my smaller fixed circulars in my travel bag, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

    • Mari
      | Reply

      Yeah that’s one of the few drawbacks to interchangeables. Because the needle would be bigger than the join to the cable, I doubt they could ever make interchangeables with sizes 1-2-3. My solution has been to buy a bazillion sets of fixed circulars and keep them in my travel case along with a set of interchangeables. I’m pining for the new Knitter’s Pride assorted needle case…

  3. Stephanie
    | Reply

    I just received a sampler of three interchangeable Knitter’s Pride needles today. Of the ones you review here, I received the Karbonz and the Bamboo, the other set is the Nova Platina Cubics. These are my first real foray into higher end needles and my first set of interchangeable needles. I am quite excited! The Symphonie and the Marblz look beautiful, thank you for the review, I may try those next.
    BTW, in case anyone is wondering about the set I describe, it is the Comby Interchangeable II set at WEBS (

    • Mari
      | Reply

      I hope you like your needles!

  4. susiequinn
    | Reply

    Thanks for this comparison of needles. I received my first interchangeable set (a different brand) for Christmas and didn’t realize that for 16″ the needles have to be much shorter. I bought my first set of Dreamz DPNs 10 days ago and love them! I also have a Karbonz circular set for sock knitting.

  5. Willi
    | Reply

    I use Addi needles. I have an interchangable set and love them. Can’t believe you design patterns AND work full time! Bust gal!!! I just discovered your patterns (have the current Knit Scene). I love the Colbie (sp?). You answered a question I posted on Ravelry and based on your answer, I bought some linen yarn. Thanks for your help.

  6. Willi
    | Reply

    Oops, I just noticed on my last comment I said you were a “bust gal”. I meant busy gal, ha ha.

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