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Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Perspective Cowl pattern in the past few weeks. i’ve received so many positive comments about this design it’s made me cast on for another fingering weight one…in a new design, but more on that later!¬†Sometimes when I’m knitting for the 5th hour straight to meet a design deadline I second guess my career choices, but getting really nice positive comments from people helps me to push through the less fun days.

Perspective Cowl by Mari Chiba

Congrats to Chrissie, I’ve already emailed her and a Perspectives Twizzle Kit is on its way to you!

I hope that everyone who has purchased the pattern will share their finished cowl photos with me–I never get sick of seeing how others knit and interpret my patterns.

PS if you haven’t bought the pattern yet today is the last day to save 25% with the coupon code:¬†perspective.


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  1. Cynthia
    | Reply

    That’s a gorgeous set of colors and I love the pattern!

  2. jane russell
    | Reply

    i was able to find the mountain yarn in the same color way that you used while shopping in a yarn shop on my trip to stitches south in nashville this past week. almost finished! yea!!! love the pattern. thanks jane

  3. estelle trankel
    | Reply

    Hi, Would you please number the colors for me? I am just learning and love to knit your pattern. I have purchased the yarn and I am confused as to which colors go where. Please help me. thanks estelle

    • Mari
      | Reply


      I used the colors from darkest to lightest. They aren’t numbered in the kit, but if you work in order with darkest as color #1 then you should get the same effect I did.

    • estelle trankel
      | Reply

      I am waiting for you to answer me. I hope that will be soon. thanks, estelle

  4. estelle trankel
    | Reply

    Sorry—I never got down far enough on the page to read your reply. Thank you for answering so fast. Again, my fault. I am going to try and knit it very soon. Thanks again, estelle

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