WIP Wednesday: Caesious

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Last week I impulsively wound a skein of Louet Euroflax Sport that I found hiding out in my stash. The lovely light lavender color just screamed Spring and since it was the first 80 degree day of the year the only appropriate way to mark the occasion seemed to be by winding a skein…soon after I cast on for a project!


I can’t remember the last time I knit something just for fun–and I don’t know that I will get to finishing this anytime soon. (Though since it seems to be going pretty quickly that bodes well!) The pattern is Caesious by Hunter Hammersen, and it’s in her new book Curls. I have a PDF copy of the book, and I think it’s fantastic! Each pattern is more of a recipe–you can knit it with any amount of any weight yarn (though anything less than 200 yards will probably result in a fairly small shawl).Caesious Shawl, photo by Mari Chiba (C) Mari Knits


Ever since I knit the Colbie Tank¬†in Euroflax I’ve really been wanting a spring scarf for myself in this lovely yarn. To soften it up while knitting I ended up winding it into a ball on my Strauch ball winder, and then I rewound again. My second ball was a little wonky (user error!) so I rewound a third time, and the yarn is so much softer and easier to work with on my hands!

Once I finish my shawl I’ll run it through the washer AND the dryer (YES! You really can do this with Euroflax, though I wouldn’t recommend it with all linens…Euroflax is special!) it’ll be super soft and comfy just like your favorite pair of old jeans.


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  1. TerriSyue
    | Reply

    Just gorgeous.

  2. Stephanie
    | Reply

    I would like the pattern.

    • Mari
      | Reply

      You can get it online from the designer, or purchase her book, Curls.

  3. zuzanna nagrodzki
    | Reply

    I love your attitude and your knitting prowess beats anything I’ve ever seen!!!

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