Brian’s Favorite Baby Gifts

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We’ve received a lot of wonderful baby gifts thanks to the generosity of our friends and family, but today I want to share what have been Brian’s three favorite gifts!

First up, an amazing quilted alphabet book made by my mother. Considering my sewing skills include sewing in crooked lines I’m pretty impressed by the level of detail in this book. I’m sure it took FOREVER.


And my favorite part, that Y is for yarn!


Next up, two gifts from my friend and colleague at Stitchcraft, Stefanie from Handmade by Stefanie. She made these adorable robot pants, because…why not?!



And these adorable crochet converse! Brian and I wore matching converse to our wedding. Shortly after telling Stef I was pregnant she sent me a photo of crochet converse, and I told her that I thought they were amazing. Fast forward a few months and I got my own pair in the mail! Brian liked these so much that he took a photo with his phone to show his coworkers. He has NEVER done this with anything I’ve knit. Ever.


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  1. Mom
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    In the original pattern, Y was for “yo yo”. I changed it to yarn because – well, the reason is obvious. I had to sort of make up a yarn applique, which is why it’s so messy. Oh, and did you notice that the Zipper is a Zebra Zipper?

  2. Audrey Berger
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    Very special gifts and many surprises to come every day when you see the sweet baby.

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