FO Friday: SilverSpun Baby Socks

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I’ve been Instagramming photos of these baby socks, and finally I’m writing a blog post about them! I knit two pairs of baby socks using Feel Good Yarn Company SilverSpun Sock. They are very quick to knit and don’t take very much yarn.

SilverSpun Baby Socks by Mari Chiba

Why to knit baby socks from SilverSpun:
1. It’s cotton, you don’t have to worry about fiber sensitivities. I’m all about natural fibers!
2. There’s a small amount of lycra, which means these socks are super stretchy. Hopefully they will stay on better and fit a little longer with the help of the lycra.
3. Silver has natural bacteria inhibiting qualities. Keeping bacteria away from baby feet sounds good to me!
4. They are machine washable. (Disclaimer: the website does NOT say the yarn is machine washable, and I wouldn’t put them in the dryer, but I’ve run these through the wash (along with other things I’ve knit in SilverSpun without any problem, and I know others have too.)

Baby Socks #1

Pattern: Toe Up Baby Socks by Sheila Toy Stomberg, free on Ravelry.
These seem really tiny to me. We got some other store bought baby socks that are similar in size, but I’m a little skeptical these are going to fit a real baby…I made the smallest size.

SilverSpun Baby Socks by Mari Chiba

Baby Socks #2

Pattern: Cozy Little Toes by Judy Kaethler, free on Ravelry.
I like that these are cuffed, and the pattern was easy to follow. These are similar in size to some of the booties we received.

SilverSpun Baby Socks by Mari Chiba



Note: I received this yarn for free and Feel Good Yarn Co is a sponsor of the baby review series on my blog. However all opinions are my own and I aim to provide honest and useful reviews.

Thanks so much to all my sponsors!

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