Product Review: Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls

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I’ve been using dryer balls for a while now. I’ve tried the plastic ones that look (and apparently taste) like dog toys, and I’ve also made some out of roving using leftover bits. When I was given the opportunity to try out the Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls my answer was, “YES!!” I used to be addicted to dryer sheets. I loved the smell of fresh laundry warm from the dryer with that overly perfumey dryer sheet smell. Then I spent two years in the Peace Corps and a year in China where we had no dryers, and I realized that clothes that are air dried outside smell even better! But, sometimes, air drying here in the US isn’t the most practical solution. I have a drying rack where I dry a lot of our clothes, but drying sheets and towels outside just isn’t going to happen. They take up tons of space, towels tend to air dry a bit crunchy, and sometimes you need clean, dry clothes NOW, not tomorrow…

Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls
Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls (please note, three come in a set, but Koko has hid the third one somewhere)

So what’s the solution? All natural wool dryer balls! Here’s why dryer balls are better:

1. They actually make your clothes dry faster! This is for real–I can vouch for it!
2. Dryer sheets have a lot of chemicals in them that are bad for you and the environment.
3. These are a lot cheaper. You have to keep buying dryer sheets, but these wool balls will last a really long time.

I’ve been using these from Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls for a few months now, and they are great! They are larger than a lot of the other ones I’ve seen, which also means you only need 3 (with the smaller ones you generally need more to see an effect on drying times), which means they are also a little easier to keep track of…unless you have a newborn and a dog. Koko has hijacked one of our dryer balls and hidden it…who knows where! I’m hoping it turns up soon. My guess is she’s hoarding it under the couch along with her other toys.


The dryer balls also came in this handy reusable bag, which I’ve been using for storing onions and garlic in the pantry!

Please note, I was provided Wool Dryer Balls for free for review but all opinions are my own and I aim to only provide honest reviews of products I genuinely love, use, and endorse.


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  1. Cindy K
    | Reply

    I wonder if it’s possible to make these. What do you think?

  2. Lillianne Davies
    | Reply

    I would like to know where to get or buy the Mountain meadow dryer balls. I live in BC Canada.

    • Mari
      | Reply

      You can buy them directly from their website, linked in the post!

  3. Kate
    | Reply

    Just ordered mine – can’t wait to get them!!

    • Kate Chiba
      | Reply

      Update: the dryer balls are fabulous. The best I’ve ever used.

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