Attempts at photographing a baby

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I realized today that the Louet Gems sweater I knit while I was pregnant was probably just the right size to fit Dash now, so I got out my camera to take some photos in the lovely morning light.

Koko wanted to help.

Dash and Koko


“LOOK! I can be cute too!”
Dash and Koko


The sweater fits perfectly.

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  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    Cuties! The sweater is awesome, too!

  2. Kate Chiba
    | Reply

    Koko is used to being your only baby. Looks like she is learning to share.

  3. Cynthia
    | Reply

    Both of your darlings are SWEET!

  4. deborah mindick
    | Reply

    How adorable! Beautiful photo of your sweeties! I love the sweater! Makes me want to knit one too for my grandbaby!

  5. kendra
    | Reply

    Too cute! both of them 😉

  6. Martha
    | Reply

    Beautiful! (Baby, dog and sweater!) truely blessedM

  7. Bonnie
    | Reply

    TWO sweeties!

  8. Love these photos! The cutest! ❤️ The sweater is gorgeous!
    | Reply

    Cutest photos!! ❤️ And baby and the sweater ate beautiful!

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