New Pattern & Discount: Silver Lining Gloves

Last year I published the Connectivity Gloves, and this year when Feel Good Yarn Co asked me about creating a new glove pattern for their new sock yarn I thought about how I could make a super warm and also multi-functional glove like the Connectivity, but with more options on how to wear and use it. Silver Lining Gloves by Mari Chiba


And thus, the Silver Linings Gloves were born! It’s a glove, it’s a mitten, it’s everything you need to keep your hands toasty this winter! You can wear the gloves by themselves, or the mittens by themselves, or if it’s really cold you can wear the mittens over the gloves. Any way you wear them you’ll be able to use your phone or tablet without removing the gloves!

Silver Lining Gloves by Mari Chiba

The gloves use about 260 yards of SilverSpun Sock, available from the Feel Good Yarn Company.

Silver Lining Gloves by Mari Chiba


Now through Sunday October 18th you can save 25% on the Silver Lining Gloves with the coupon code silverlinings.

Update: I misspelled the coupon code yesterday – my apologies! To make up for it I’ve extended the sale through Sunday. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  1. LaurenS
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    I think your code needs to be corrected … this one doesn’t work. but silverlinings does 🙂

    • Mari
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      Sorry about that! I’ve updated the post and extended the sale through Sunday!

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