In My Diaper Bag

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Lately my knitting bag has been replaced with a diaper bag. If I go out for coffee I don’t even think about bringing my knitting, because I know my hands are going to be full with my little butter bean. So today, I’m sharing what’s in my diaper bag.


1. We’re cloth diapering, and I purchased a big lot of gender neutral Bum Genius All in One cloth diapers before Dash was born. Some may not consider these colors gender neutral, but I do! We’ve really liked these diapers and even my husband says he prefers the cloth to disposable. Though we do still use the disposables when we travel.

2. Wipes. At home we use cloth wipes, but on the go these pre-moistened disposable wipes are easier.

3. A wet bag! This is a Skip Hop, the same brand as my diaper bag, and matches perfectly. I got it separately, but was glad to find one that matched the rest of my set. Just because it’s a diaper bag doesn’t mean it can’t have some style!

diaper-bag14. Eucalan wipes. Babies are messy, not sure if you knew that? Wipes are good. Lots of them.

5. This little organizer came with my diaper bag, along with a changing pad and another insulated organizer that are not shown.

6. Avent pacifier. This came in a two pack, and we got it during our shower. Pacifiers are a must, if you ask me!
7. Hand sanitizer. Because nothing sounds more terrible than the thought of my little one getting sick, so we try to kill as many germs as possible while out and about, especially now that flu and cold season is upon us.

8. This crochet hat was a gift from one of the students in a knitting class. It currently fits Dash’s head perfectly and he wears it all the time to keep his little head toasty!

9. An extra outfit. See above about how babies are messy.

10. Aden+Anise blanket. I know everyone loves these. Honestly, ours was a hand-me-down. I always keep a lightweight blanket in the bag just in case, it can cover up a seat for him to lie on, or wrap him up in it if it gets chilly, and it’s super light and folds up quite small.

11. A burp cloth. This is one my mom made. She sent me a huge box of hand made items before Dash was born. These are super thick and my favorite burp cloths by far.


Not pictured: I usually put my water bottle in the side pocket.

Anything you think I should keep in my diaper bag but didn’t list? Let me know!


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