Last Minute Holiday Wish List

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Are you procrastinating your holiday shopping like I am? My excuse: I have a three month old. But I do this every year, so let’s be honest, I just procrastinate holiday shopping. Apparently, I also put off making my own wish list, but alas, here it is. My picks for what to give and get knitters this Christmas. (If you’re Jewish and celebrate Hanukah you’re REALLY behind!)


#1 Strauch Swift

(This is on my personal wish list. I got a ball winder about a year ago and I absolutely love it. Now I’m REALLY hoping for a swift to match, especially since my cheapie one that I bought at a market in China for $4 finally bit the dust.)

Mini & Std  table Swift copy


#2 Knitter’s Pride Royale

I haven’t been shy in telling the world how much I love my Dreamz needles, but I do miss the clicking of metal knitting needles. However, the laminated wood in Dreamz keeps my hands so much happier that it was an easy switch. This new set is the same laminated wood as the Dreamz, but with brass tips, so you’ll get the pointy metal tips like a metal needle. It sounds like the perfect needle!


#3 Eucalan Getaway Set

Wipes, mini samples of no-rinse Eucalan wash, a nail file, and a little sewing kit. I have one of these and it now lives in my diaper bag. I’ve already used the wipes and the nail file, and I’m sure the no-rinse wash will come in handy on our upcoming trip to Portland. This is a great gift for knitters and non-knitters who travel. I’ve already bought a couple for people on my gift list!



Notice there isn’t any yarn on my list? There are two reasons for that:

1. I have too much yarn. Most knitters do. These will (hopefully) help knitters to knit up some of that stash!

2. Buying yarn for others is HARD. Will they like the fiber content, the color, what will they knit with it?

Looking for more holiday shopping recommendations? My friend and co-worker Stefanie also had a great list on her blog: Handmade by Stefanie.



Although I have working relationships with all of the companies above nobody has paid me to put them on my wish list. I just really love these products!

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