Strauch Ball Winder & Swift

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I posted on Instagram just before Christmas a photo of a very exciting box from Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. I got a Strauch ball winder a couple years ago, and I’ve been wishing for a Strauch swift ever since. I am super excited to finally have a matching set – a Strauch ball winder and swift! My old swift was…terrible. I bought a swift and ball winder for less than $10 (total) at a market in China over 5 years ago. I got what I paid for.

My office is currently a disaster, there’s a crib in it , boxes of yarn, you get the picture. I couldn’t wait to wind yarn though, so I set up the swift and winder on the coffee table. webres-3760

What did I wind, you ask? Some lovely Swans Island Natural Colors Collection Worsted Weight, which I’m knitting a  sweater with (more on that in a future post!)


It took me 6 hours to wind 6 skeins of yarn. First the baby spit up all over me. While I was cleaning that the dog had an accident, just when I was starting to feel overwhelmed the dog then puked all over the blanket where baby was doing tummy time. IT WAS A DAY. So, needless to say, I didn’t get a photo of the wound yarn. I can say though, that the swift and winder are a match made in heaven! Both work really well, and I’m excited to use them more for many years to come!


And here’s Koko, trying to make me forget what a PITA she can be. I can’t stay mad at that face!

FYI: I blogged about wanting a Strauch swift just before Christmas, so apparently Santa reads my blog.

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    WOW, nice to have a matching set that works the way you want and meets your needs! Lovely yarns to cake on your new pretties! Sorry about your 2 babies, hoping today will bring you a much better day! Enjoy your blogs and your projects! 🙂

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