Cologne Chocolate Museum

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I went to Cologne for the first time in 2012, the first time I attended H+H Cologne. As I was leaving I heard about the Chocolate Museum, and I was sad that I didn’t have time to go, so this year, I really wanted to go. I’ll post later about H+H, but clearly the priority here is CHOCOLATE! So, here are some photos.

An amazing chocolate version of the Dom. It was huge, and very intricate. Some conclusions I came to about this: 1. It probably took a really long time to build. 2. It’s probably been there for a while, and although it looks delicious the chocolate is probably stale. 3. Despite the rope around it there’s a good chance it’s been sneezed on.

webres-5917 When you buy your tickets they give you a few little chocolates. Later on in the museum you see the machine that makes the chocolates! It’s super nifty.webres-5924 webres-5926 Chocolate casualties. webres-5929 The lady putting the chocolates into bags. Reminded me of that episode of I Love Lucy. And, of course, these are available in the gift shop!webres-5931 There were a lot of big chocolates. webres-5933 This crazy spinning machine that chocolate molds go in, to get rid of the air bubbles.webres-5935

webres-5943A view of the giant molds they had on display. webres-5938A CHOCOLATE FAUCET. Where’s mine?!?!?!
webres-5939They also had some really cool displays of old chocolate merchandising, props, and even a room that played old chocolate ads in German! Some of the display items are a little racist…webres-5945

“Hey, let me take a photo of you guys” Tyler disappears, Leanne gives me a face, Stef smiles, and Brian closes his eyes and hides the baby…


If you’re in Cologne, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the chocolate museum!


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