MCMKAL Week 1 Tips & Tricks

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Today I released the first clue for the 2016 Perspectives Mystery Knit-Along. So I worked up some tips for helping you knit this first clue. I’ve started a mini-cowl to show techniques on, because the yarn I wound to make another MKAL cowl somehow got turned into a new design!

If you haven’t purchased the pattern yet it’s not too late! You can purchase the pattern here on Ravelry.

The cowl starts with 6 rounds of garter. If you don’t like knitting garter stitch in the round, you can knit it flat and then join to knit in the round. Just knit 6 rows, and you’ll end with a right side row, then you’ll be ready to start knitting in the round. Note: My photo only shows 4 rounds of garter.



Once you’ve joined in the round you’ll notice you have a small split. You can sew this up later.


The pattern also has a double yarn over at the beginning/end of a round. Here’s my work-around for that. At the beginning of the round go ahead and make both your yarn overs. Continue knitting the pattern to the end of the round.



When you get to the end of the round this is what you’ll have – the stitch marker, and two yarn overs, but your marker needs to be between those two yarn over stitches. webres-6496


So, remove your stitch marker, and purl the first stitch.webres-6500

Now put your marker back where it belongs, and continue in pattern to the end of the round.webres-6502


Now you can keep knitting in pattern. Easy, right? I hope you’ll share photos of your Clue 1 in the Mountain Colors Ravelry group!

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  1. Suzann Eshleman
    | Reply

    I found the tips and tricks here, but it is April 8 and I cannot find the pattern (which I purchased).

    • Mari
      | Reply

      Suzann, it’s in your Ravelry library. If you go to your library you should see a Clue 1 PDF. If you need more help feel free to email me or visit the Ravelry group. Thanks!

  2. Charlene lemieur
    | Reply

    Mari, I have gotten the first set of 2016 MKAL instructions & now I am wondering is there a site those Mountain Perspectives River wash sport can be purchased in the mini skeins?

    • Mari
      | Reply


  3. Krista
    | Reply

    Hi Mari,

    Your blog says to start with 4 rows of garter, but the pattern states 6 — which is correct? I know it won’t matter overall, but I’m curious for the final clue so I can be sure I match.


    • Mari
      | Reply

      It’s 6. thanks for catching that, I’ll update the blog post!

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