Anteros Shawl

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I first designed the Anteros Shawl when I was getting ready to teach a class about writing shawl patterns several years ago. This was my example of how to insert a stitch pattern into a basic triangular shawl shape. I had so many requests for the pattern that I eventually wrote it up. I just finished knitting my third one. I knit the first one in Swans Island Merino Fingering, I knit a second out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport, and my third one is in Mountain Meadow Wool Sheridan, a bulky weight yarn.


This was an impulse knit. I got the yarn at H+H after we had Mountain Meadow Wool in the booth. Somehow these four skeins of their natural colors (white, light grey, medium grey, and dark grey) didn’t sell. I didn’t know what I wanted to knit with them, but I was intrigued by the bounce and softness of this yarn. I was also in love with their story. They are a small mill in Wyoming, using domestic fiber from small farms and milling the yarn in an eco-friendly manner and producing an all natural yarn that isn’t itchy.



I honestly didn’t expect to like the yarn as much as I do! It’s so round and squishy. And it’s not itchy. I mean it, I have really sensitive skin, and even with a long sleeve shirt underneath I can’t wear a lot of more rustic wool yarns. This is not one of those. I can wear it on my neck! It’s so warm and lovely!


Now more about my pattern, Anteros. You can start and stop the lace panels at any point. It just requires an odd number of stitches, so you can start and stop the stockinette and lace pattern wherever you’d like. Since I had a gradient set of 4 skeins, (one in each of the natural colors), I decided to start with the lightest and go to the darkest. I tried to start with a pattern, but quickly realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to make the stripes balanced, so I went for it not really worrying about keeping a specific pattern. I love the result!

After blocking this shawl is quite large, and it’s so super cozy. Thanks to my sister for modeling while she was visiting for a few weeks last month. She clearly took the job quite seriously.


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    Love your patterns. Thank you

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