Anteros Shawl

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I first designed the Anteros Shawl when I was getting ready to teach a class about writing shawl patterns several years ago. This was my example of how to insert a stitch pattern into a basic triangular shawl shape. I had so many requests for the pattern that I eventually wrote it up. I just finished knitting my third one. I knit the first one in Swans Island Merino Fingering, I knit a second out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts … Read More

Tesserino Cowl: Free Pattern!

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I’m excited to see another pattern come out to the world! I’ve worked with Louet and Staci Perry before, designing patterns that Staci can use to teach a technique, and to promote the lovely Gems yarns by Louet. This time I wanted to give a little love to a technique that I love, but seems to be ignored a fair bit–mosiac knitting! It looks complicated like stranded fair-isle knitting, but in fact you just knit one color at a time, slipping … Read More

MCMKAL Week 1 Tips & Tricks

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Today I released the first clue for the 2016 Perspectives Mystery Knit-Along. So I worked up some tips for helping you knit this first clue. I’ve started a mini-cowl to show techniques on, because the yarn I wound to make another MKAL cowl somehow got turned into a new design! If you haven’t purchased the pattern yet it’s not too late! You can purchase the pattern here on Ravelry. The cowl starts with 6 rounds of garter. If you don’t like … Read More

Cologne Chocolate Museum

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I went to Cologne for the first time in 2012, the first time I attended H+H Cologne. As I was leaving I heard about the Chocolate Museum, and I was sad that I didn’t have time to go, so this year, I really wanted to go. I’ll post later about H+H, but clearly the priority here is CHOCOLATE! So, here are some photos. An amazing chocolate version of the Dom. It was huge, and very intricate. Some conclusions I came … Read More

Getting Ready for the MKAL

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased the 2016 MKAL pattern, and who have sent me such nice comments! I’m really excited for this MKAL! After much staring at my stash of Perspectives Kits, I chose the Lichen/Gray. Here’s one of the grays, on my new(ish) Strauch swift. Each Perspectives Kit comes with 5 mini skeins. The MKAL pattern is a cowl that has 5 clues, with one for each color section. The first clue goes out on April … Read More

2016 Perspectives MKAL

I’m excited to announce I’m hosting another Mystery Knit-Along with Mountain Colors! I got a lot of great feedback about my other Perspectives patterns, and requests for a pattern featuring the River Wash Sport Perspectives Kit. And here it is! What’s an MKAL? You get a clue each week with a part of the pattern. This one is a cowl, using the 5 mini skeins of the Perspectives kit. Can I use a different yarn? Sure, but this pattern is … Read More

FO Friday: Top Down Hat

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I’m a big fan of top down hats. You don’t need to measure or make a gauge swatch before you cast on. Here’s the hat I knit for Brian. My basic recipe: CO 8 sts. Increase Round: Increase 8 stitches. Work 1 round plain. Alternate these two rounds until you reach your desired circumference. Work in your pattern until your hat is long enough. Then work some ribbing, or don’t. Or work some other edging. Bind off all the stitches. … Read More

WIP Wednesday

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#1 Audrey Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer in Swans Island Natural Colors Worsted.   #2 Lamb’s Ear Cardigan Kit from Appalachian Baby, using Appalachian Baby Organic Cotton yarn.   #3 Top down baby hat (improvised pattern) in Feel Good Yarn Company SilverSpun Sock


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Last week we had an ice/snow storm, so I did what all knitters do, layer on the knits and head out for a walk! There was more ice than snow. Dash snuggled up with a lovely blanket from Kate, Courtney, and Meghan at Kelbourne Woolens. He was also wearing a crochet hat that one of the lovely ladies from a knitting class gave me before he was born.   And off we go! I asked Brian to post for a … Read More

Strauch Ball Winder & Swift

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I posted on Instagram just before Christmas a photo of a very exciting box from Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. I got a Strauch ball winder a couple years ago, and I’ve been wishing for a Strauch swift ever since. I am super excited to finally have a matching set – a Strauch ball winder and swift! My old swift was…terrible. I bought a swift and ball winder for less than $10 (total) at a market in China over 5 years … Read More

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