Best Baby Socks

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Back when I was still pregnant I blogged abut making baby socks out of SilverSpun. If you missed it, you can read the posts and find the (free) patterns I used here. Dash was born with giant feet, so the tiny ones I knit never fit him. He’s been wearing the larger ones quite a bit, and I’m afraid he’s about to grow out of them! So I thought I’d better take a photo while they still fit. These socks … Read More

Appalachian Baby

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Back in August I blogged about some washcloths I knit using a kit from Appalachian Baby. We’ve been using the washcloths at almost every bath time since Dash was born. I even noticed Brian always reaching for these hand knit washcloths first, and when I asked him about it he said he thinks they are the softest. If you missed it, you can read the post here. So after such a great experience knitting with the cotton, I reached out to Diane, … Read More

In My Diaper Bag

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Lately my knitting bag has been replaced with a diaper bag. If I go out for coffee I don’t even think about bringing my knitting, because I know my hands are going to be full with my little butter bean. So today, I’m sharing what’s in my diaper bag. 1. We’re cloth diapering, and I purchased a big lot of gender neutral Bum Genius All in One cloth diapers before Dash was born. Some may not consider these colors gender … Read More

Attempts at photographing a baby

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I realized today that the Louet Gems sweater I knit while I was pregnant was probably just the right size to fit Dash now, so I got out my camera to take some photos in the lovely morning light. Koko wanted to help.   “LOOK! I can be cute too!”   The sweater fits perfectly.

Product Review: Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls

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I’ve been using dryer balls for a while now. I’ve tried the plastic ones that look (and apparently taste) like dog toys, and I’ve also made some out of roving using leftover bits. When I was given the opportunity to try out the Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls my answer was, “YES!!” I used to be addicted to dryer sheets. I loved the smell of fresh laundry warm from the dryer with that overly perfumey dryer sheet smell. Then I … Read More

FO Friday: Baby Sweater

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Last week I blogged about this baby sweater knit up in Louet Gems Fingering, and I’m excited to share photos of the finished sweater! I really enjoyed working with the yarn (which is probably why I’ve knit so much with Gems, including another secret project I’m working on now!)   Today I’d like to write a bit about finishing your knits and why this is so important to me. You’ve spent all this time choosing a pattern, finding the perfect … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Gems Baby Sweater

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I’ve really struggled to find a good gender neutral baby sweater pattern that I like in a lighter weight yarn. It seems most people like to knit their baby sweaters out of heavier yarns and/or they are very gender specific. I’ve had these random skeins of Louet Gems Fingering in my stash forever, and I thought that the Sea Foam Green was the perfect gender neutral color. I’m combining it with some stripes at the top in white, and I … Read More

Brian’s Favorite Baby Gifts

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We’ve received a lot of wonderful baby gifts thanks to the generosity of our friends and family, but today I want to share what have been Brian’s three favorite gifts! First up, an amazing quilted alphabet book made by my mother. Considering my sewing skills include sewing in crooked lines I’m pretty impressed by the level of detail in this book. I’m sure it took FOREVER. And my favorite part, that Y is for yarn! Next up, two gifts from … Read More

FO Friday: SilverSpun Baby Socks

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I’ve been Instagramming photos of these baby socks, and finally I’m writing a blog post about them! I knit two pairs of baby socks using Feel Good Yarn Company SilverSpun Sock. They are very quick to knit and don’t take very much yarn. Why to knit baby socks from SilverSpun: 1. It’s cotton, you don’t have to worry about fiber sensitivities. I’m all about natural fibers! 2. There’s a small amount of lycra, which means these socks are super stretchy. … Read More

FO Tuesday: Washcloths

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I was fortunate enough to receive a Baby Washcloth Kit from Appalachian Baby Design to knit up and review. Originally I’d planned to just knit one of these before writing a review, but the pattern was fast and easy, and this was a really relaxing knitting project, so I ended up using the whole ball of yarn and knit four washcloths! Appalachian Baby Design is a collective of knitters, crocheters and designers creating classic handmade baby gifts. They are based … Read More

Coming Soon: Baby Reviews

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As perviously mentioned I’m pregnant and due at the end of August with our first baby. I’ve had wonderful support from my friends, family, and coworkers as we start this new adventure, and I’m excited to announce that soon I’ll be posting some reviews of baby-related products…or products that I will be using for our baby. I hope you’ll enjoy these reviews. Although the posts will be sponsored it’s important to me to only review items in a positive light … Read More

FO Friday: Yeti

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I finally finished the Yeti I blogged about a few weeks ago.   All the pieces sat finished for a couple of weeks until I finally got around to sewing them together, and then it took me another week or so to find the time to make the backpack. How do you take photos of a toy? Well I used thread, which you can see a bit in the photos…oh well!   Yeti is concurred by Lego yeti.

Stitched With Love

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Swans Island is currently hosting the Swans Island Legacy Contest. The prize is a hand woven throw worth $690. It looks amazing. To enter the contest they ask that you share the story of something that means a lot to you. Whether it’s hand crafted or store bought, whether it’s something that’s new but really special or something that’s been passed on for generations, what is it, and why does it mean so much to you? Of course, I’m going to … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Yeti

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Just before our 18 week ultrasound where we could find out the gender of the baby I had a momentary lapse in my desire to not find out the gender of the baby. It all started because I saw an adorable crochet baby dress on Pinterest. Then I started looking at all the adorable gender specific baby knitting patterns, and started showing Brian too, trying to convince him we should find out the gender of the baby for the sole … Read More

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