Last Minute Holiday Wish List

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Are you procrastinating your holiday shopping like I am? My excuse: I have a three month old. But I do this every year, so let’s be honest, I just procrastinate holiday shopping. Apparently, I also put off making my own wish list, but alas, here it is. My picks for what to give and get knitters this Christmas. (If you’re Jewish and celebrate Hanukah you’re REALLY behind!)   #1 Strauch Swift (This is on my personal wish list. I got … Read More

FO Friday: Randomness

Ok, so only one of these images is of an FO, and I actually finished them a few weeks ago, but the rest are things I’ve actually worked on this week…so it all counts right? It’s Friday, I feel like the rules don’t apply quite as strictly today anyways, and it’s been forever since I’ve posted for FO Friday, so here goes! Recycled Bag Wrapping Paper Christmas presents wrapped in recycled bags! I try to be eco-conscious, but I don’t … Read More

WIP Wednesday: slippers and comics

I knit a pair of these adorable Not-So-Tiny Slippers by Ysolda Teague last week for the shop. They are super quick, and super cute!  So I decided I needed my own pair. I started them a couple nights ago, and then I did the bulk of it last night, when I was tired…that was NOT a good idea. You’ll see in the photo below that the cute little yarn over holes are not centered… I’m a little bit of a … Read More