Pillow Pattern!

A few months ago Becca from the Bagsmith told me about her new product, the Apple Creek Felt Pelt. She described it to me as a sheet of pre-felt. I didn’t tell her this, but I didn’t really know what she was talking about! Then I got some in the mail, and I was still a little lost. It was beautiful with all it’s color variation, but what the heck was I supposed to do with it? I played with … Read More

Yarn Everywhere!

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Brian will tell you that this is true…there is yarn everywhere in our apartment. I usually try to clean it up every weekend… It’s only Monday and yet already it seems like the yarn is taking over the apartment again! On the kitchen counter… On the couch… On the table next to the couch… All over my desk… Escaping from the drawers onto the floor…‘ On the bedside table…

Crazy Cozies and Cozy Crazy

I don’t get cozies. Why do you need a coffee cup cozy? Why do people keep pinning them on Pinterest? Have you ever seen anyone pull out a handmade cup cozy at Starbucks? I have to admit I don’t go to coffee shops much, so if you actually use a cup cozy please, let me know, this is a total mystery to me! Ok, so to continue my rant, I’ve collected some of my favorite most ridiculous cozies. I’ve also … Read More

Display your hand knits!

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Maybe this is just me, but I tend to let most of my knit items sit in a bag in my closet. Some of them don’t fit me, because they are sample size 32″ bust (which I am not!) and others are just shawls that I don’t wear, or only wear very occasionally, and a couple I have never worn for whatever reason. Anyways, with the exception of Brian’s bookshelf of comics our ‘dining room’ is my office. I spend … Read More