Colbie Tank–Another Cover!

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I’m so thrilled to have my Colbie Tank from Knitscene Spring 2015 on the cover! The top cable part is worked in Louet Gems Sport weight, so that the cables have lots of great definition and hold their shape well. The body is worked in Louet Euroflax Sport, a linen yarn that gets softer as you wash and wear it. If you haven’t knit with linen before I definitely encourage you to try it. This magical fiber gets softer and … Read More

Time Out

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Sometimes my knitting has to go into time out. There are many reasons why this happens… 1. I have something more interesting/pressing to knit. 2. I have so many WIPs that one (or three) gets left out of the rotation. 3. I get frustrated with a mistake. 4. I find an error in the pattern (usually my error in my pattern). 5. The yarn is problematic/annoying: the yarn is splitty, the color of the yarn is too dark. 6.  My … Read More

Do you think that knitting for your job sounds amazing?

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I think so too…most of the time. But sometimes I get myself into a pickle, and it usually goes like this: I have a great opportunity to design x, and then this other opportunity comes up so I say yes to that, and another, then take that and add 3. Oh, and by the way, they all have to be done around the same time. Don’t forget that you also have two other jobs because as much as you love … Read More

Pandora Cardigan

The new Knitscene Summer 2013 issue is already available online, and will soon be available in your LYS! I’m super excited to have a pattern in this issue. One of the hardest parts of writing knitting patterns for magazines is that you have to keep the secret for such a long time between getting the idea accepted, knitting the sample, and finally having the pattern published. Today I’ll be sharing my inspiration for the Pandora Cardigan. I hope you’ll all … Read More


I posted about this pattern way back in October. It was meant to be part of the Malabrigo October Stockpile challenge, of designing patterns that require only one skein of Malabrigo. I can’t remember why now, but for some reason it didn’t get published on time. Then it sat around on my computer for months and months, until last week I all of a sudden remembered this pattern and thought “hey, I should publish it!” then I asked Brian if … Read More

Fuzzbee Yarns

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I just got a box full of amazing things from my friend Cassie. I met Cassie while serving in the Peace Corps, and she is one of the people that helped me to learn how to knit while living in Armenia. She came to Armenia already a skilled spinner and knitter, and she has continued to hone her skills and is now selling amazing hand spun and organically hand dyed yarn! It’s all pretty amazing, and I can say this … Read More

I posted photos of this shawl back in July. I made it with Swans Island Organic Merino Fingering, an amazingly soft and squishy yarn in lovely colors as a shop sample for Warm ‘N Fuzzy for my design your own shawl class. Well, the shawl itself has gotten a lot of interest while hanging in the shop, and so I’m finally going to write and publish the pattern. The shawl is off in the mail to Katy to be properly … Read More


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As I mentioned yesterday a lot of the things I’m working right now are still secrets. But let me tell you, there are some exciting things coming in the next 6 months! I love designing knitting patterns, but I have to say one of the downsides is that you are always knitting for 6 months-1 year ahead, and can’t share what you’re working on until long after you’ve actually knit it. Anyways, here are some of the swatches that I’ve … Read More

Help me name this shrug

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So remember how I kept on posting about the design process for the green shrug? You can see it from the beginning: it started with the yarn, then came the swatch and ideas, a sketch, a nearly finished shrug, and now here are photos of the lovely Katy Doyle wearing the shrug. For me the last part of the design process is naming the shrug. Since I’ve been going through the process publicly I thought I’d give everyone the chance to give … Read More

More Shrug Design

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The reason I didn’t post a picture of the shrug this weekend? I was too busy knitting! I did manage to finish the shrug. This is a picture of it blocking. Now I’ve sewn it up and it’s blocking again. The next picture probably won’t be until it’s photographed properly by Katy.  I haven’t come up with a name for this shrug, any thoughts?

Shrug Design, day 3

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Ok, so here is my sketch of the shrug that I will design/knit: I’m going to cast on at one cuff, knit all the way across, then seam up the sleeves. I’ve already started knitting, I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Remember the Bunny Mail Project? Well it’s finally March 31st, and I selected three winners as promised. They have all been emailed, so hopefully I will get to mail these off soon.

Shrug Design continues

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After poking around on the internet for a bit I found some shrugs/boleros that are sort of the look that I’m going for. Obviously neither of these are knit, and I want mine to end just above the elbow, but these are the general idea I’m going for.  I have also swatched some stitches and washed my swatch. (In order to make sure your knit items fit you must ALWAYS wash your swatch. Materials grow considerably after washing) From the … Read More

New Design

I thought I would blog about my design process for a shrug that I’m knitting for the Yarn Tree Studio in Raleigh, NC. While talking to the owner Lynn today she mentioned that they have a new yarn in the shop, and needed a pattern and shop sample to highlight the yarn. I listed a few ideas, and she liked one of them, and so I’m designing a shrug for this yarn. Of course I’ll also make the pattern available … Read More