FO Friday: Free Baby Blanket Pattern

One of my good friends from college is expecting her first baby this fall, and I couldn’t help but knit a little something for her baby! I started it pretty early as I knew I wasn’t going to have time closer to her due date, and I didn’t want it to fall by the wayside, so I didn’t yet know the gender. I (sort of followed) my Sunshine Chevron Blanket, available for free from Knit Picks. Mostly due to an … Read More

FO Friday: Funny Faces

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I made a super simple crochet necklace this week. Single crochet, 28 gauge wire, beads, and a few findings is all that was required. The whole project took a couple of hours, spread out over the course of the week. Then last night Brian and I tried to take photos of this necklace.   But some days, taking a decent photo is harder than it sounds. Turns out handing your husband a camera and putting on lipstick doesn’t turn him … Read More

FO Friday: Two Non-Knits!

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I’ve been coveting the beautiful Montea dress from Collette Patterns for a while now. The problem is that I don’t really know how to sew. I bought a sewing machine back in January and promised myself I’d learn to sew. I tried once in January shortly after getting the machine, couldn’t sew in straight lines, got frustrated, and it’s been sitting on the shelf ever since. Learning something new means you have to spend time being really bad at it, … Read More

FO Friday: Ginny’s Cardigan

I finished my Ginny’s Cardigan about a month ago, and I finally took pictures of it last weekend. I’m really happy with how mine came out, it has 0 ease and fits me perfectly! Here are a few photos. I made mine in Classic Elite Woodland in Silver. Also mine was the second size, I have a 36 3/4″ bust, and I did the short rows for a C cup. I also have a few thoughts on finishing of this … Read More

FO Friday: Randomness

Ok, so only one of these images is of an FO, and I actually finished them a few weeks ago, but the rest are things I’ve actually worked on this week…so it all counts right? It’s Friday, I feel like the rules don’t apply quite as strictly today anyways, and it’s been forever since I’ve posted for FO Friday, so here goes! Recycled Bag Wrapping Paper Christmas presents wrapped in recycled bags! I try to be eco-conscious, but I don’t … Read More

FO Friday

So I guess for now I’ll be sharing all my WIPs and FOs for Warm ‘N Fuzzy, a lovely yarn shop where I work and teach.This is a modified version of Susan B Anderson’s Elefante, a wonderful free pattern. I’ll be teaching a class on this pattern in October. I think it’s so cute! I still need to put eyes on him, but I’m cheating and posting it as an FO.

FO Friday

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I didn’t have anything to show you on Wednesday not because I don’t have tons of WIPs, but because they are all still secrets. Anyways, I’ve finished the shawl I talked about a few weeks ago. It’s actually quite lovely and I really like Swans Island yarn. This will be the sample for my Design Your Own Shawl class at Warm N’ Fuzzy, a lovely new yarn shop in Cary, NC that will be opening next week. Here are a … Read More