New Pattern & Discount: Silver Lining Gloves

Last year I published the Connectivity Gloves, and this year when Feel Good Yarn Co asked me about creating a new glove pattern for their new sock yarn I thought about how I could make a super warm and also multi-functional glove like the Connectivity, but with more options on how to wear and use it.    And thus, the Silver Linings Gloves were born! It’s a glove, it’s a mitten, it’s everything you need to keep your hands toasty … Read More

Connectivity KAL

I know parents, teachers, and most people who work with kids will tell you that they don’t choose favorites. I was a teacher, and I definitely had favorites. And now, as a designer, I still have favorites, though they do change as new designs are born. One of my current favorites, and one of my newest patterns, is the Connectivity Gloves, which was recently published in the Deep Fall Issue of Knitty.   I’ve already knit these twice, and I’ve … Read More

In Knitty!

When I re-learned how to knit as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia I would go to the seedy smoke filled internet cafes a few times a week. I would spend half of my time catching up on emails, and the other half looking at knitting patterns and saving them to my flash drive. One of my favorite sources–Knitty. Fast forward a few years to when I started designing–I couldn’t imagine ever having my patterns published, seeing my name in … Read More

Two Hands Make A Star

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I’ve been working a ton, and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. However I’ve been much more consistent about posting photos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so you can always follow me there! I’ve been so busy that I published a new pattern a couple weeks ago and I’m just now finally writing about it! Presenting to you, finally: Two Hands Make A Star This pattern is the final pattern in … Read More

Come hang out and get a free pattern, or two!

This may be strange, but I’ve never been on a yarn crawl before, officially or unofficially. So I’m super excited about the upcoming Triangle Yarn Crawl. I’m extra excited because I’ll be participating in a scavenger hunt! There are 9 shops in the triangle (I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only been to 3 of them!) at each shop there will be a TYC logo, and there will be letters attached to each stuffed TYC logo, and you have to record … Read More

Remember those sneak peeks?

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So I can reveal what two of those pictures were of. The third item isn’t finished yet…but soon I hope! First off is a set of shoes and baby hat in garter stitch. I think these are super cute. The hat will be available in 5 sizes from preemie to age 2, and the shoes available in 3 sizes for newborn to 18 months. I just love these little apple buttons! The other picture is a pair of Cashmere fingerless … Read More