Free Pattern Friday!

Earlier this week I posted this photo as a teaser of a free pattern I’m publishing today. If you’ve been reading the blog you might recognize the yarn…I posted about the this beautiful skein of yarn from Fuzzbee Yarns back in December. This beautiful thick and thin was so squishy and tempting that I knit this cowl the very same week I received the yarn! Introducing…Through Thick and Thin Here are some lovely photos of Through Thick and Thin by … Read More

I Just Blue Myself

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If you know what that line is from write it in the comments! I decided about a year ago that I wanted to dye yarn. Sometime in December I received some undyed wool and dye. Then a couple days ago I decided that I HAD to dye yarn right that minute. Unfortunately it was 1 AM, so it had to wait until the next day. Then Suzie came over to help me in this ¬†endeavor. We didn’t record this, so … Read More