FO Friday: Caesious

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A few weeks ago I blogged about impulsively winding a lovely skein of Louet Euroflax Sport and casting on for the Caesious shawl by Hunter Hammersen. I actually finished knitting it in about 10 days, but then it took me another week to wash the darned thing, and a week after that to take photos. Isn’t that how it always goes? Just like I always do with Euroflax I put it through the washing machine and the dryer along with other … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Caesious

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Last week I impulsively wound a skein of Louet Euroflax Sport that I found hiding out in my stash. The lovely light lavender color just screamed Spring and since it was the first 80 degree day of the year the only appropriate way to mark the occasion seemed to be by winding a skein…soon after I cast on for a project!   I can’t remember the last time I knit something just for fun–and I don’t know that I will … Read More

In Knitty!

When I re-learned how to knit as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia I would go to the seedy smoke filled internet cafes a few times a week. I would spend half of my time catching up on emails, and the other half looking at knitting patterns and saving them to my flash drive. One of my favorite sources–Knitty. Fast forward a few years to when I started designing–I couldn’t imagine ever having my patterns published, seeing my name in … Read More

Pillow Pattern!

A few months ago Becca from the Bagsmith told me about her new product, the Apple Creek Felt Pelt. She described it to me as a sheet of pre-felt. I didn’t tell her this, but I didn’t really know what she was talking about! Then I got some in the mail, and I was still a little lost. It was beautiful with all it’s color variation, but what the heck was I supposed to do with it? I played with … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Toe-Up Socks

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I’ve been itching to knit another pair of socks for nearly a year. But since I work a regular day job, and most of my free time is occupied by my side hustle–knit design–I don’t have much time for selfish knitting. I honestly can’t remember the last time I knit something just for me, with no intention of writing the pattern for sale. So, a while back, I decided to do something crazy: knit yarn from my personal stash AND … Read More


As part of the ongoing Holla Knits KAL, I’ll be hosting a Ka-POM Knit-A-Long, AKA Ka-POM-along. Or that’s what I’ve been calling it in my head. I’ve ordered more amazing Baah Yarns Shasta, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Get your copy of Ka-POM hat, from Holla Knits Accessories, and join the fun! Shown in Baah! Yarns Worsted in Obsidian, Grey Onyx, and Tequila Lime. Photo Credit: Holla Knits Here are the colors I’ve chosen for my Ka-POM-along: I’m so … Read More

Mr. Mari Knits

For a moment please take the mental image you have in your head of Mari and prepare to have it terribly distorted. Add 60 pounds, take away the Asian, add a penis, lose the hair on the head, add hair on the face and you have an idea of what the person currently writing to you looks like. Mari is away for today so I am filling in. My name is Brian and I am the husband of a knitter. … Read More

Heelside Farms

Last week I went to Heelside Farms with Michelle, who organizes the Triangle Yarn Crawl, and who I now work with on the board for the Carolina FiberFest. I went to CFF for the first time in 2012, not long after we moved to North Carolina. I saw a poster for it at my LYS, and volunteered at the info booth for one day and I was hooked! In 2013 I helped with managing the website, and now I’m on … Read More

Come hang out and get a free pattern, or two!

This may be strange, but I’ve never been on a yarn crawl before, officially or unofficially. So I’m super excited about the upcoming Triangle Yarn Crawl. I’m extra excited because I’ll be participating in a scavenger hunt! There are 9 shops in the triangle (I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only been to 3 of them!) at each shop there will be a TYC logo, and there will be letters attached to each stuffed TYC logo, and you have to record … Read More

Why you should buy knitting patterns

I think that you should buy more knitting patterns. I think that for every free pattern you use you should also buy a pattern. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons! When yarn companies put out free knitting patterns they usually buy the pattern from the designer, or have a designer on staff that designs for them. However with the internet, independent designing and publishing has become easier and more affordable to a greater number of people. The lowered start-up … Read More

Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year where everyone is in full holiday season, so incase you need some inspiration for your own wish list, or you are shopping for a quirky knitter, here are some ideas on some great gifts! Oh, and in case you are on a budget, it’s broken down by prices! Under $10Hiya Hiya Circular Needles – These needles are my absolute favorite! They tips swivel, so that your cord never gets twisted and kinked, and the tips … Read More