Mr. Mari Knits

For a moment please take the mental image you have in your head of Mari and prepare to have it terribly distorted. Add 60 pounds, take away the Asian, add a penis, lose the hair on the head, add hair on the face and you have an idea of what the person currently writing to you looks like. Mari is away for today so I am filling in. My name is Brian and I am the husband of a knitter. … Read More

Time Out

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Sometimes my knitting has to go into time out. There are many reasons why this happens… 1. I have something more interesting/pressing to knit. 2. I have so many WIPs that one (or three) gets left out of the rotation. 3. I get frustrated with a mistake. 4. I find an error in the pattern (usually my error in my pattern). 5. The yarn is problematic/annoying: the yarn is splitty, the color of the yarn is too dark. 6.  My … Read More

WIP Wednesday…sorta

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So I don’t have a lot of WIPs with you to share today. I’m still working on the baby blanket. Well, ‘working on it’ might be a bit of a stretch…it’s still sitting in a bag and needs to be finished. I have made some progress on the striped infinity scarf, and I actually finished the cowl from the last post, but I don’t have any photos of it, and technically it’s not finished as I haven’t woven in the … Read More

WIP Wednesday

There was recently a discussion on the designer’s group on Ravelry about finding time for ‘personal’ knitting. Honestly before I started working in a yarn shop it had probably been a year since I had followed someone else’s pattern. Now that I work in a shop I knit shop samples, which occasionally are my patterns, but more often someone else’s pattern. This is such a huge pleasure to me. Knitting another designer’s pattern is like a mental vacation. I get … Read More

What Would I Knit?

One of my favorite things about knitting is planning my next project. I don’t do this very often anymore. Most of the things I knit are new designs, so sure I’m planning a project, but it’s very different. I used to look through my stash, then scour all of my resources for the perfect pattern to match one of my yarns. Sometimes I would find a project and then choose the yarn, both ways were great. The design process is … Read More

Sinking Heart Shawl

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On Monday I posted about re-writing the Falling Leaves scarf pattern to be a shawl pattern as well. Of course I couldn’t just re-write the pattern. I also had to knit a sample to make sure it worked, and looked nice. I used my scale to knit to the half-way point, measuring to make sure I had only used half the yarn, and then knit the rest of the shawl. I’m only two and a half leaves from the end of the … Read More