FO Friday: Campanile Mitts

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As you may have noticed from previous posts and my Connectivity Gloves last fall, I really love SilverSpun yarn, made by the Feel Good Yarn Company. The yarn is super soft, stretchy, and spun with pure silver! I’ve visited the mill right here at NC State where the yarn is spun, and what can I say, I’m in love! So, when Laurie asked if I’d be interested in designing a pattern for the exclusive yarn club my answer was: YEAH! … Read More

New Pattern: Lovely Lady Arms

I am publishing a new pattern today! I knit these gloves when I came back from Germany in March, or maybe it was April? After that they sort of sat around for a while, because it seemed silly to publish a glove pattern in the summer. Who wants to knit gloves in the peak of the heat? Although it’s not exactly fall here (it’s still very hot and humid) I am dreaming of fall, and there’s nothing like knitting fall … Read More