2016 Perspectives MKAL

I’m excited to announce I’m hosting another Mystery Knit-Along with Mountain Colors! I got a lot of great feedback about my other Perspectives patterns, and requests for a pattern featuring the River Wash Sport Perspectives Kit. And here it is! What’s an MKAL? You get a clue each week with a part of the pattern. This one is a cowl, using the 5 mini skeins of the Perspectives kit. Can I use a different yarn? Sure, but this pattern is … Read More

Mountain Colors Perspectives Mystery Knit-A-Long!

This has been in the works for a while now, and I’m excited to finally share that I’ll be hosting my first ever Mystery Knit-A-Long starting next month, the Perspective MKAL! What’s a Mystery Knit-A-Long? Each week you get a clue with that week’s portion of the pattern. You can join in on the conversation in the Mountain Colors Ravelry group to share your progress, ask questions, and chat! What’s the pattern? It’s for a cowl. The approximate measurements are … Read More

New Pattern & Giveaway!

I’m really excited to share my new design, Oxidar, from Manos del Uruguay! The pullover is worked from the bottom up, seamlessly in one piece. After the lower portion is worked as two flat sides (to create the high/low hem) the body is worked up in one piece to the underarm, and then in smaller pieces to the shoulders. To keep the sleeves seamless stitches are picked up around the armholes and the sleeves are worked in the round to the … Read More

Helium Sweater

I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger lately, but I’m finally sharing photos of my Helium Sweater from Knitscene Summer 2014. Well last summer, when I finished knitting this sweater, I took a few photos of it. Because for the first time, I actually knit a sample sweater in MY size! This is quite amazing, since most samples are to fit a 33 or 34″ bust, but this sample is the 36 3/4″, which is also my exact bust measurement. I … Read More

Rietveld Sweater

Have you seen the Spring issue of Knitscene? If not, go pick up a copy TODAY! I’m super excited about my new pattern, Rietveld, featured in Knitscene Spring 2014. I love this sweater for so many reasons, and I think it’s BS when people say oh there are too many to list… so let me list all the reasons why I adore Rietveld. 1. The fit is perfect. Three quarter length sleeves means that you won’t be pushing up the … Read More

Louet Spring 2014

I’m really excited to have two patterns in the Louet Spring 2014 collection. I really love both of these garments, and I think they are great wardrobe staples that I could imagine myself wearing throughout the warm weather months. Abita This all started with a swatch. I had the idea for a pleat with peakaboo lace, and I wasn’t sure where it belonged. The pleat came first, and then the sweater. I’m in love with the finished sweater! GEMS fingering … Read More

FO Friday & a new pattern!

Disclaimer: I’m cheating on FO Friday. I didn’t actually knit this cowl, a friend of mine, who is also an awesome sample knitter, knit this for me. But it is finished, and it is Friday. It might have been finished on a Friday, but if it was it wasn’t this one. Ok, now that I’ve cleared my conscience I can continue with the blog post! I published a new pattern yesterday, the Creedmoor Cowl. This cowl is perfect for using … Read More

Pandora Cardigan

The new Knitscene Summer 2013 issue is already available online, and will soon be available in your LYS! I’m super excited to have a pattern in this issue. One of the hardest parts of writing knitting patterns for magazines is that you have to keep the secret for such a long time between getting the idea accepted, knitting the sample, and finally having the pattern published. Today I’ll be sharing my inspiration for the Pandora Cardigan. I hope you’ll all … Read More


I posted about this pattern way back in October. It was meant to be part of the Malabrigo October Stockpile challenge, of designing patterns that require only one skein of Malabrigo. I can’t remember why now, but for some reason it didn’t get published on time. Then it sat around on my computer for months and months, until last week I all of a sudden remembered this pattern and thought “hey, I should publish it!” then I asked Brian if … Read More

Rockfall Sweater

I really can’t relay just how excited I am to have a pattern published in Knitscene! It is my favorite knitting magazine. I love their modern knitting patterns and the beautiful styling. One thing that is crazy about the knitting design industry (and probably all clothing design) is that it’s such a long time from when you first get the idea, submit the idea, knit the idea, and then the idea comes to life and sees the light of day. I … Read More

New Pattern: Two Hands Make A Heart

It’s here! The second pattern in my Two Hands series: Two Hands Make A Snowflake. The first in the series was Two Hands Make A Heart. I really love this pattern. I think that snowflakes are much more gender neutral, and I love the fingerless gloves with the flip top because they are great for when you are out and about and need your fingers to use your phone (or pick your nose?). Once again I am indebted to Katy … Read More

New Pattern: Eros Cowl

I published my Eros Cowl yesterday! Eros is the brother of Anteros and is the greek god of love. Eros is also known as cupid. The myth goes that Anteros, the god of requited love, was created as a companion for Eros, because in order for love to be complete it must be reciprocated. This cowl, much like the Anteros Shawl, is a cowl that you will love to knit and wear. The simple lovely cowl will love you back as much as you … Read More

New Pattern: Mimi Shawl

I’m really excited to be publishing the Mimi Shawl today! This pattern has been in the works for a while, and finished testing over two months ago! There were a lot of things that delayed me, most of them being busy with other things. Then I realized that my incredibly talented photographer friend Katy Doyle was coming to town, so I waited to publish the pattern until I could get her to photograph it. This is extremely rare, but I’m … Read More

New Pattern! No Name! Help!

Hi everyone,So once again I have a pattern without a name. This is for a lovely shawl, that is knit from the bottom up in garter stitch and lace faggoting. I’m showing some truly beautiful photos of Lauren Harrington wearing the shawl, and the photos were taken by Katy Doyle. The photos were taken in Durham, NC. CONTEST!Think of a name for this pattern by Friday Aug 31. I will pick my favorite name, and that person will win any … Read More