Spring Has Sprung!

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It’s been pretty warm here in Raleigh, and the signs are everywhere that spring has sprung!    I love that everything is starting to bloom. Although I could do without the seasonal allergies and the layer of tree pollen that coats everything. At least I got this lovely fragrant lavender to look forward to!  

Japan Part 2: YUM

We ate a lot of great food in Japan. Obviously, I didn’t photograph every meal that we ate because: A. I get really sick of people posting photos of all their meals and B. I was too busy eating them! So, here are some highlights of the food we had in Japan. There were lots of other great things, too!   We flew to Japan on Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving feast included a cup of ice cream and a sandwich. I have … Read More

Japan Part 1: So Much Pretty

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I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. Work has been busy, and I’ve been focusing on getting my work done at Stitchcraft and meeting design deadlines. Alas, the blog has taken a back seat. I spent the last two weeks in Japan, visiting my family, seeing all the Hello Kitty, and eating lots of great food. I’m hoping to get back into blogging, and I’ll start with a re-cap of my trip to Japan! Today I’d like to share some photos … Read More

Happy Valentines Day!

The title of this post is a bit of a joke, because I actually think Valentine’s Day is a pretty silly holiday. Brian and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. According to pop culture we might not actually love each other because I don’t own a single piece of heart shaped jewelry. We also didn’t get around to sending out Christmas cards this year; another holiday I have mixed feelings about. So in my mind most holiday traditions should be … Read More

Staying Warm: Turn the oven on!

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It’s snowing for the second time this winter in Raleigh. This is quite the event here in the south where people aren’t used to winter weather. The first time I was here for Christmas in 2009 it was warm enough that I only wore a light jacket! This is the first time I’ve seen snow in the nearly two years we’ve lived here! Working from home I didn’t have to worry about a snow day, but Brian did end up … Read More

A Week In Portland, OR

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I grew up in Portland, OR. If you’ve seen the show Portlandia you’ll think Portland is a quirky arty place with lots of weird inside jokes. That pretty much sums it up. I went home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and see friends. We had a great time! Here are a few photos from our trip. After Thanksgiving we went to Zig Zag, a small town near Mt. Hood with our friends from Peace Corps. We stayed in a … Read More

Mr. Mari Knits

For a moment please take the mental image you have in your head of Mari and prepare to have it terribly distorted. Add 60 pounds, take away the Asian, add a penis, lose the hair on the head, add hair on the face and you have an idea of what the person currently writing to you looks like. Mari is away for today so I am filling in. My name is Brian and I am the husband of a knitter. … Read More

Why I’ll never be a food blogger

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So I had planned a lovely blog post about baking a cake for my niece’s birthday a couple weeks ago. This cake didn’t turn out well, so I was too embarrassed to write a blog post about it. Then I realized that it’s been weeks since I wrote a blog post, I didn’t have any great inspiration for another topic, so I’ve decided to go ahead with blogging about the cake. I am a pretty good cook I think, but … Read More

Blog Week

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Knit and Crochet Blog Week is just around the corner! I’m already starting to plot fun posts for next week, but in the meantime here’s the PSA Brian and I made last year.  Hope you enjoy!

Let them eat cake!

Yesterday afternoon I had the strong desire to eat cake. I didn’t have any cake in my house, so of course the next best thing was to look at photos of knit and crochet cakes on Ravelry. Yes, I realize this is not at all a normal train of thought, but I have a confession to make: my name is Mari and I am addicted to fiber. This is the cake that started it all, and once I saw this … Read More

What else can you do with yarn?

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As much as I love to knit, I’m also interested in other yarn projects. Here are some really cool ones I found on Pinterest, which is a great website for finding, and remembering ideas/items/anything. Yarn balls: balloons, glue, and yarn, from Sweet Designs Yarn letters: yarn and wire from Family Chic Yarn animals for sale by Beklina