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Last week we had an ice/snow storm, so I did what all knitters do, layer on the knits and head out for a walk! There was more ice than snow. Dash snuggled up with a lovely blanket from Kate, Courtney, and Meghan at Kelbourne Woolens. He was also wearing a crochet hat that one of the lovely ladies from a knitting class gave me before he was born.   And off we go! I asked Brian to post for a … Read More

Spring Has Sprung!

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It’s been pretty warm here in Raleigh, and the signs are everywhere that spring has sprung!¬†   I love that everything is starting to bloom. Although I could do without the seasonal allergies and the layer of tree pollen that coats everything. At least I got this lovely fragrant lavender to look forward to!  

Japan Part 4: Tsukiji

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Tsukiji is the large fish market in Tokyo. We went early in the morning, around 6 AM. The inner market, where fisherman deliver their bounty and all the top restaurants purchase their fish, is about one square block. There are also a couple blocks of outdoor markets that pander more to the casual consumer with stalls selling seafood, table ware, food, and of course, sushi.   Huge tuna, you won’t find this in a can. Not sure what this is… … Read More

Behind The Scenes

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One of my favorite parts of working for Stitchcraft Marketing is getting to work with so many talented designers and putting together pattern collections for our clients. I also get to go to the photo shoots, hire models, and style the garments and work with the talented and lovely Caro Sheridan. If you’d told me six years ago when I was graduating from college and going into the Peace Corps I was going to have a career in the knitting … Read More

FO Friday: Funny Faces

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I made a super simple crochet necklace this week. Single crochet, 28 gauge wire, beads, and a few findings is all that was required. The whole project took a couple of hours, spread out over the course of the week. Then last night Brian and I tried to take photos of this necklace.   But some days, taking a decent photo is harder than it sounds. Turns out handing your husband a camera and putting on lipstick doesn’t turn him … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Solitude Wool

I’m working on a new design, and although I can’t tell you what it is, I can tell show you a few photos and tell you about the yarn. I’m thrilled to be working with Solitude Wool. They are a farm in Virginia not far from Washington, DC. They raise American sheep and purchase wool from other farms in the US and create beautiful breed specific yarns. The yarn is dyed by hand with natural plant dyes and acid dyes, … Read More

NC State Mill

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A while back I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the mill at NC State. I knew that NC State was known for having a great textiles program, but didn’t know the extent of the amazingness that was there! I went with Laurie Gonyea, the owner of Feel Good Yarn Company. Her amazing SilverSpun yarn is spun here at NC State! The cotton is all grown here in North Carolina too. Thanks so much to Laurie for letting me tag … Read More

Happy Valentines Day!

The title of this post is a bit of a joke, because I actually think Valentine’s Day is a pretty silly holiday. Brian and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. According to pop culture we might not actually love each other because I don’t own a single piece of heart shaped jewelry. We also didn’t get around to sending out Christmas cards this year; another holiday I have mixed feelings about. So in my mind most holiday traditions should be … Read More

Louet Spring 2014

I’m really excited to have two patterns in the Louet Spring 2014 collection. I really love both of these garments, and I think they are great wardrobe staples that I could imagine myself wearing throughout the warm weather months. Abita This all started with a swatch. I had the idea for a pleat with peakaboo lace, and I wasn’t sure where it belonged. The pleat came first, and then the sweater. I’m in love with the finished sweater! GEMS fingering … Read More

2013 Photo Re-cap

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In 2013 I got addicted to Instagram. Here are some photos from 2013, which I think pretty accurately sum up my day to day life. I did TONS of knitting…   Hosted a KAL for the Ginny’s Cardigan. Suffered a bit from all the knitting… I spent a lot of time outside. And of course I took some selfies, it was the 2013 word of the year after all! You can follow me on Instagram¬†to see my daily shenanigans. Here’s … Read More

A Week In Portland, OR

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I grew up in Portland, OR. If you’ve seen the show Portlandia you’ll think Portland is a quirky arty place with lots of weird inside jokes. That pretty much sums it up. I went home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and see friends. We had a great time! Here are a few photos from our trip. After Thanksgiving we went to Zig Zag, a small town near Mt. Hood with our friends from Peace Corps. We stayed in a … Read More

Chunky Cabled Hat & Scarf

Last week the new Bulky Collection 2013 from Knit Picks was published! You can see my pattern, the Chunky Cabled Hat & Scarf, here. Personally I’m not a huge fan of scarves that aren’t reversible. I’m not one of those people who can always look ‘just so’ and thus I need accessories that are flexible. Shawls don’t have to abide by this rule because usually I wear them like kerchiefs, and those tend to stay put a little better. So … Read More

FO Friday: Ginny’s Cardigan

I finished my Ginny’s Cardigan about a month ago, and I finally took pictures of it last weekend. I’m really happy with how mine came out, it has 0 ease and fits me perfectly! Here are a few photos. I made mine in Classic Elite Woodland in Silver. Also mine was the second size, I have a 36 3/4″ bust, and I did the short rows for a C cup. I also have a few thoughts on finishing of this … Read More

Shoot It!

There has been a lot of evidence of my terrible photography on this blog. I usually try to save your eyes from my lack of talent, and prefer to show Katy Doyle’s lovely photos of my knit items. However, Katy lives in Boston, and has a very busy life of her own, so I thought maybe I should learn a few things about photography. I do not have a fancy camera. I have a Cannon Powershot, which is a point … Read More