Strauch Ball Winder & Swift

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I posted on Instagram just before Christmas a photo of a very exciting box from Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. I got a Strauch ball winder a couple years ago, and I’ve been wishing for a Strauch swift ever since. I am super excited to finally have a matching set – a Strauch ball winder and swift! My old swift was…terrible. I bought a swift and ball winder for less than $10 (total) at a market in China over 5 years … Read More

Product Review: Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls

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I’ve been using dryer balls for a while now. I’ve tried the plastic ones that look (and apparently taste) like dog toys, and I’ve also made some out of roving using leftover bits. When I was given the opportunity to try out the Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer Balls my answer was, “YES!!” I used to be addicted to dryer sheets. I loved the smell of fresh laundry warm from the dryer with that overly perfumey dryer sheet smell. Then I … Read More


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In my last post I talked about some of my favorite knitting tools, and showed you the Anywhere Balm from Milk+Honey¬†(soon to be Love+Leche) in my traveling knitting kit. I’m sure as knitters you’ve all experienced dry skin catching on your wool–not a good feeling! The Anywhere Balm is the same wonderful moisturizing lotion as in the full size Milk+Honey Lotion Bars. They are available in a variety of scents and molds, here from top left are the Bee+Sunflower, Petroglyph … Read More

Book Review: Noni Flowers

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I got a few books at TNNA, and one of them was Noni Flowers by Nora Bellows. This book includes 40 patterns for knit patterns. Some are more realistic than others, but all of them are amazingly beautiful. I was so excited about this book that the first thing I showed my husband after he picked me up from the airport was this book. Even as a non-knitter he was impressed. The photography is beautiful, and honestly this would make … Read More

TNNA Columbus & Hiya HIya Needles

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When I left for Columbus my bag weighed about 25 lbs. On the way back it weighed 45 lbs. I didn’t go shopping for clothes or shoes, but got a lot of amazing stuff at TNNA. Here’s a photo of all the knitting related stuff I brought back: During Sample It I also had the chance to buy a set of the Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles. I have a set of the Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles, and I really love … Read More

Yarn U iphone app

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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to try out Mary Beth Klatt’s updated Yarn U app. Yarn U is a reference database of yarns. There are 34 different brands included, however for most of the brands the lists are incomplete. For each yarn there is a photo, yardage, yarn weight, stitch gauge, suggested retail price, suggested needle size, and fiber content. There are links on where to find the yarn, and the address for the distributor/manufacturer. Also included are the … Read More