Louet Spring 2015: Nerine

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I’m excited to be part of another collection with Louet North America! Gems is one of my favorite yarns. It’s a washable, durable, merino wool that almost has the feel of cotton. This is because of the way it’s plied and spun. It’s perfect for all those people who claim “wool is just too itchy!”. As knitters I’m sure you’ve known, and rolled your eyes at, a few people who say this just as I have. Now there IS itchy … Read More

New Pattern! Harrington Shawlette

Some patterns just seem to take FOREVER. This is one of those. I don’t really know all the reasons why this has taken so long. I know a few, but we won’t go into all of those… I originally knit this in January 2012. There were some issues with the chart, and there were no written directions, so I re-wrote the entire thing once. I also submitted this pattern to a couple publications and it was rejected, which causer further … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Shawls

Shawls are one of my favorite things to knit. I’m flying to Oregon for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so I’m getting ready for the plane ride by casting on a couple projects that I know I’ll enjoy knitting on the plane.  I decided to knit the Anteros Shawl for the Mari Knits Knit-A-Long, but when I went to wind the skein I discovered that my yarn was super tangled, and the yarn was broken into over 20 pieces! It was a huge … Read More