TNNA Recap…not really

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Last weekend was The National Needle Arts Association (TNNA) Summer trade show. This is where companies go to show and sell their wares wholesale to yarn/craft shops. This is also where designers go to network, and where I went for my day job with the Wool Wide Web and to hangout and meet with other designers, yarn companies, and other awesome people in the industry. I failed at taking pictures at TNNA, so I’m unprepared to do a TNNA show … Read More

TNNA Columbus & Hiya HIya Needles

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When I left for Columbus my bag weighed about 25 lbs. On the way back it weighed 45 lbs. I didn’t go shopping for clothes or shoes, but got a lot of amazing stuff at TNNA. Here’s a photo of all the knitting related stuff I brought back: During Sample It I also had the chance to buy a set of the Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles. I have a set of the Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles, and I really love … Read More

TNNA Designer Dinner

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TNNA starts tomorrow! If you don’t know, TNNA is The National Needle Arts, and they hold several shows each year for wholesale purchases. I am here in Columbus with Lotus Yarns helping them to run the booth. This morning we got up to build our booth, then tonight I went to Marly Bird’s Yarn Thing, which was amazing! It was dinner with over 100 amazing knitting and crochet designers. I didn’t know anyone there, since this is only my second … Read More

TNNA Phoenix

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I just finished TNNA. It was a great time. I met a lot of wonderful people, got a stack of free books! I can’t wait to knit some patterns. Here are pictures of our stand, Lotus Yarns. And here is the huge stack of books and magazines, with lots of issues from Interweave. I’ve already started flipping through them, so much inspiration!

Business Card Case

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I got new business cards yesterday to take to TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association) in Phoenix!  Seeing these I thought I needed a small case to put them in. Why buy one when you can make one? This would also be great for credit cards, or a small wallet. I made this with maybe 20 yards of Lotus Yarns 100% Bamboo (any other worsted weight yarn would work too) on 4.5mm needles. This was knit on two double pointed … Read More

First Post!

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This is the first of my brand new blog: Mari Knits! A special thanks to Justin Barnes for this great logo! I recently finished yet another one of the broken rib hat, for which you can find my pattern for free on Ravelry. This is made with Lotus Yarns new superwash merino aran weight yarn which is super soft and warm. You can also vote for this hat pattern on Pierrot’s webiste: This hat was originally designed to be knit with Pierrot Yarn