Favorite Tools

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As a designer I don’t do the normal process that I see many knitters enjoy–finding the perfect yarn for the perfect project. Most often my yarn is pre-determnied. So instead I spend far too much time (and money!) collecting all the knitting tools a knitter could need. I don’t have just one knitting kit, but two (and now I think I might need a third!). So, today here are my must-have tools. First, the small Knitter’s Tool Box from Nancy’s … Read More

Let them eat cake!

Yesterday afternoon I had the strong desire to eat cake. I didn’t have any cake in my house, so of course the next best thing was to look at photos of knit and crochet cakes on Ravelry. Yes, I realize this is not at all a normal train of thought, but I have a confession to make: my name is Mari and I am addicted to fiber. This is the cake that started it all, and once I saw this … Read More

Penelope the Apathetic Pin Cushion

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When I first started knitting I used to knit a lot of toys. I couldn’t handle the commitment of a larger project, and toys really helped me to learn and understand knitting construction. Even when I first started knitting I had trouble following patterns. I insisted on making things up. This is Penelope the Apathetic Pin Cushion. I’m sure most of you will recognize it as one of ┬áRebecca Danger’s patterns. Penelope was originally made for my now husband then … Read More