Staying Warm: Turn the oven on!

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It’s snowing for the second time this winter in Raleigh. This is quite the event here in the south where people aren’t used to winter weather. The first time I was here for Christmas in 2009 it was warm enough that I only wore a light jacket! This is the first time I’ve seen snow in the nearly two years we’ve lived here! Working from home I didn’t have to worry about a snow day, but Brian did end up … Read More

Let them eat cake!

Yesterday afternoon I had the strong desire to eat cake. I didn’t have any cake in my house, so of course the next best thing was to look at photos of knit and crochet cakes on Ravelry. Yes, I realize this is not at all a normal train of thought, but I have a confession to make: my name is Mari and I am addicted to fiber. This is the cake that started it all, and once I saw this … Read More