Favorite Tools

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As a designer I don’t do the normal process that I see many knitters enjoy–finding the perfect yarn for the perfect project. Most often my yarn is pre-determnied. So instead I spend far too much time (and money!) collecting all the knitting tools a knitter could need. I don’t have just one knitting kit, but two (and now I think I might need a third!). So, today here are my must-have tools. First, the small Knitter’s Tool Box from Nancy’s … Read More

Needle Hoarder

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Hello, my name is Mari and I hoard knitting needles. I have… 7 sets of interchangeable needles on top of DPN sets and many fixed circular needles in a variety of styles and sizes. Today, a blog post about my favorite Knitter’s Pride needles. I have a lot of Knitter’s Pride needles, and one of the main perks for me is that ALL of the needles and cables are interchangeable. From top to bottom: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, Bamboo, Nova Platina, … Read More

Favorite Tools

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I don’t know about you, but I think what someone carries in their purse says a lot about them, and how clean (or messy!) says a lot too. I have to say I clean out my bag frequently, and like to keep it tidy. My wallet, however, is full of receipts that need to be filed… Today I’m going to share my personal must haves for my knitting bag! First off, my knitting bag itself! I recently got a Namaste … Read More