FO Friday: Yeti

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I finally finished the Yeti I blogged about a few weeks ago.   All the pieces sat finished for a couple of weeks until I finally got around to sewing them together, and then it took me another week or so to find the time to make the backpack. How do you take photos of a toy? Well I used thread, which you can see a bit in the photos…oh well!   Yeti is concurred by Lego yeti.

WIP Wednesday: Yeti

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Just before our 18 week ultrasound where we could find out the gender of the baby I had a momentary lapse in my desire to not find out the gender of the baby. It all started because I saw an adorable crochet baby dress on Pinterest. Then I started looking at all the adorable gender specific baby knitting patterns, and started showing Brian too, trying to convince him we should find out the gender of the baby for the sole … Read More

FO Friday & a new pattern!

Disclaimer: I’m cheating on FO Friday. I didn’t actually knit this cowl, a friend of mine, who is also an awesome sample knitter, knit this for me. But it is finished, and it is Friday. It might have been finished on a Friday, but if it was it wasn’t this one. Ok, now that I’ve cleared my conscience I can continue with the blog post! I published a new pattern yesterday, the Creedmoor Cowl. This cowl is perfect for using … Read More